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yonaguni monument diving

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Selon lui, la structure est naturelle, un des arguments principaux étant qu'elle est en pierre vive et non formée de blocs assemblés[8].

There is one dive operator here, Sou-Wes Diving, run by ‘Shorty’ Aratake, and his father Kihachirou Aratake, who discovered the Yonaguni Monument back in 1981. Note the hammerhead shark dives include no feeding, baiting or any scent trail to attract the sharks. Back in 1986, a scuba diving instructor discovered the awe-inspiring structures as he explored the depths of the ocean. In fact, across all of Okinawa’s islands, the water rarely gets below 21 degrees Celcius. Here is the list of my favourite spots: Sonai Village, on the north coast of Yonaguni, view from Tindabana. Thank you so much! In the summer harbour, close to the dive shop there’s a great snorkelling spot where you’re bound to see a few turtles. I could only finally eat that day thanks to the minimart next to my hotel and its bento boxes. During our diving days, we were either diving or staying at the dive centre, and on our last diving day, they gave me a ride to my guesthouse in Kubura. I got 3 pills for 500 ¥ in a pharmacy in town.

It’s indeed a good idea to combine Taiwan with the Yaeyama Islands. The dive site of Yonaguni Monument is about 100 m offshore from Arakawa-bana Cape. Noter la traduction Utile. It is on the south coast of Yonaguni Island, half-way between Tategami Rock and Higawa settlement. The maximum dive time is limited to 30 minutes to allow enough surface intervals between dives in case divers go deep every time. Read all the details about the Yonaguni Monument on the special blog post I wrote about it. On the east and west tips of the island there are large parks overlooking the stretch of coastline in either direction, with walking trails down to the beach and along the coast. ), Trial dive (equipment rental, lunch, drinks, insurance and 1 tank incl.

The diving style at Yonagunijima is drift diving. For prices and other enquiries about the services, please contact us at. Expect to see lots of butterfly fish, yellow striped snapper, turtles, moray eels, anthias and anemone fish.

Remember to fully empty your BCD, exhale as your backroll and don’t forget to equalise in the first meter of water as you turn back to your horizontal position. If you’re diving every day of your visit then all meals will be provided by the Irifune Hotel, cooked by Shorty’s mother.

As expected on the first check dive, we saw nothing. Nous n'avons pas pu trouver quoi que ce soit solide en ligne de réserver pour la Yonaguni monuments plongée, donc nous avons réservé les vols de toute façon et je suis tombé ishigaki notre chance avec Yonaguni m. Le personnel est très serviable et sympa, et avoir un anglais … Plus. Each time in the minibus back to the dive centre I think this is how nature is but the pleasure of finally see them will be even higher. The largest structure looks like a stepped pyramid. So while one group is diving, one is on the road coming back, one is at the dive centre resting. Given the size of the waves, after we passed Iriomote Island, I think it was an excellent idea. Luckily the island is well connected by 3 flights a day from Ishigaki and one from Naha, and also a ferry twice a week from Ishigaki. Yongunijima is one of the only places in the world where divers can see schools of hammerhead sharks on a daily basis. Nous n'avons pas pu trouver quoi que ce soit solide en ligne de réserver pour la Yonaguni monuments plongée, donc nous avons réservé les vols de toute façon et je suis tombé ishigaki notre chance avec Yonaguni m. Le personnel est très serviable et sympa, et avoir un anglais … Plus. La structure est constituée d’immenses plates-formes interrompues par des failles formant de grandes marches angulaires séparées par des parois à l’apparence lisse (les failles sont géologiquement récentes). Robert Schoch arrive au Japon en septembre 1997, sponsorisé par l’homme d’affaires Yasuo Watanabe et après avoir visité la structure de Yonaguni les 23 et 24 septembre 1997, Robert Schoch estime toujours qu'il s'agit d'un site naturel mais qu'il existe une possibilité que le site ait pu être modifié d'une certaine façon par l'homme, notamment en servant de carrière[8]. They also serve beer on tap and it’s roughly $2.50 per glass. Here is the dive log of my 10 shark dives while diving Yonaguni (Dive #7 was at the Yonaguni Monument): The island isn’t big, and the best thing to do besides diving Yonaguni is to go on a mini road trip. Being an advanced diver with at least 100 logged dives is the usual recommendation. Receive the latest stories from World Adventure Divers directly in your inbox: I want to subscribe to WAD newsletter, Yonaguni Monument : diving a mysterious underwater city in Okinawa, How to take pictures underwater: my top 5 tips for beginners. Every dive works the same: We gear up on the boat before leaving the harbour. While there are a number of hotels and traditional Bed and Breakfast-style Ryokan, Sou-Wes offer the most convenient of accommodation options, at their Irifune Hotel and the slightly more luxurious Irifune Annex Bamboo Villa. we specialize in hammerhead shark-watching and diving at the Yonaguni underwater monument. As always, all my views and opinions are my own and reflect my experience honestly.

Because, even if the encounter rate is reasonably good, it’s not 100% like always with nature. What he discovered were the ruins of some enigmatic ancient civilization. Hiya, My name is Florine! En rapport avec des éléments que vous avez consultés, Confidentialité et utilisation des cookies, Hôtels proches de la Agarizaki Observatory, Hôtels proches de la Atlas Moth Museum, Yonaguni, Hôtels proches de (OGN) Aéroport de Yonaguni, Plongée sous-marine et avec tuba à Yonaguni-cho, Visites sur le thème de la nature et des espaces sauvages à Yonaguni-cho, Visites historiques à la découverte du patrimoine à Yonaguni-cho, Tours et plateformes d'observation à Yonaguni-cho, Zones piétonnes panoramiques à Yonaguni-cho, Points de vue panoramiques à Yonaguni-cho, Espaces naturels et sauvages à Yonaguni-cho, Boutiques de cadeaux ou spécialisées à Yonaguni-cho, Excursions en bateau et sports nautiques à Yonaguni-cho. After my first trip to Okinawa in June last year, I decided to delay my visit to go diving Yonaguni and Ishigaki to the beginning of this year. Ryuku Air Commuter (a subsidiary of JAL) operates daily 90-minute flights to Yonaguni from Naha, Okinawa’s international airport.

Ce site utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience, renforcer la sécurité du site et vous proposer des publicités personnalisées. The island of Yonaguni has beautiful green scenery and spectacular craggy seashores to explore. Scuba diving boats leave from Irizaki harbour, nicknamed “Shark Dock” in … And this when a massive hammerhead shark came and checked us out. If you have enough time, I highly recommend combining diving Ishigaki with diving Yonaguni by taking the ferry. Each day we went for 3 dives to increase the chances of seeing the sharks. The Island of Yonaguni is the westernmost island of Japan, only 111km from the east shore of Taiwan and more than 2,000 km away from Tokyo. During this season, most accommodations are fully booked months in advance by Japanese scuba divers. Anytime I have a good alternative I will avoid flying. Every year, between January and March, the hammerhead sharks migration is highly popular among Japanese divers. I met travellers in Ishigaki who couldn’t go to Yonaguni because they never found a place to stay at the last minute. I realise I may not be as patient as I thought. On that day, I even wondered what was worse: the divers who came back from the previous dive and saw them?

Il déclare lors d’une interview en septembre 1999 interpréter la structure comme étant faite par l'être humain. Discover the best scuba diving destinations month by month in the Ultimate Scuba Diving Holiday Planner. The water here is among the clearest you’ll see anywhere in the world. We all go to bed, thinking it was just a warm-up, and tomorrow would be better. Les similitudes avec les gusuku incluent des zones de marches avec de grandes terrasses plates, une arche pouvant être une porte d’entrée localisée du côté Ouest du monument, et plus profond, des trous inexpliqués situés sur une autre section. You can book tickets on their website. Click for big map ... Yonaguni Diving Tours by English speaking operators: by Ocean Coast Photo Gallery. The perspective of getting a chance of doing this in Japan for a fraction of the cost of these liveaboards was definitely worth the effort! Each day is a surprise, it could be anything from ramen, katsu pork to fried fish or Japanese-style curry. Then divers can descend to 30 m to see the sharks, a little bit more for those who have a deep diving speciality (max 40 m). hotel irifune is located in the main town of sonai and offers affordable rates and clean, comfortable rooms.

Yonagunijima is said to have the third clearest seas in the world and when you come here you'll see why. I explained I wanted to take the ferry the following week in Japanese and discovered that the guy at the office could speak a bit of English! It is important to note that diving Yonaguni is for experienced divers. There are so beautiful and gracious, but they swim fast and deep. The main feature of all of these sites is the incredible water clarity, at least 50m, so clear you can look up from a depth of 30 metres and see the dive boat. Picture of our buddy team on our last hammerhead shark dive by Oleg Dyachkin. You need to come 2 hours before the boat leaves (10.00 am) to buy your ticket by cash. With big fish such as hammerheads and tuna, large rock formations and tunnels, the seas surrounding the island offer a fantastic all-round diving experience. 5. The dive leader checks the current and decides on a starting point. Checking all the cafés on the map to see they were closed despite signs saying the contrary wasn’t fun.

In the evening, we were walking to the hotel and the izakayas of Sonai, so no problem!

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