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wnba expansion rumors

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Considering how many markets with NBA teams have failed to have WNBA teams, there have been considerations of possibly having WNBA teams in cities that don't have NBA teams. Mohegan Sun Arena, home of the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, hosted the 2002 NLL all star game. Howard: There’s no minimum or maximum, but it should depend on ownership.

Why wait any longer? WNBA MLB CFB ... MLB Trade Rumors Sabermetrics CFB ... Here’s one person’s ranking of the top 13 candidates for NBA expansion, with a list of 11 more that don’t quite make the cut. The expansion of the National Basketball Association has happened several times in the league's history since it began play in 1946.

Alex: I think there’s enough interest for four new teams, but I know that the league could expand by two right now and see the quality of the product stay close to exactly the same. That may have been a bit too ambitious, and the 2000s were a turbulent time, as the league went back and forth between 13 and 14 teams for most of the decade thanks to six franchises folding and two (Chicago and Atlanta) joining in.

The league started by growing rapidly in its first five years, going from eight teams in 1997 to 16 just three seasons later. Blake: If it were to expand, I think two would be a fine number. Rumors have been circulating about a potential NBA expansion for years, but they have been just that—rumors. Ben: Two or four to keep an even number, although conferences have all but been abolished in the WNBA. Avery and Ashley ended up donating more than $30,000 in supplies to help the players, with an emphasis on the league’s working moms in the bubble.

What cities do you think the league should expand to?

Ben Dull: It all comes down to ownership. My take: San Francisco really feels like it’s a matter of when, not if, and Sacramento’s ownership had been making noise when it was opening its new arena. Over at Swish Appeal earlier this week, Albert Lee broke down some benefits to expansion and theorized on some cities that could appeal to the WNBA. However, it is clear that the league has struggled to gain traction from a sports gambling perspective. Working with the WNBA and the league’s players association, Supplies delivered to the Wubble included. The problem I think the Bay Area team will have is if they’re terrible team they’ll have the same problems the San Antonio Stars did as far as a fan base. Along with that, last year we heard rumors of the former Boston Blazers finding a home there. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Erica: More roster flexibility would be great. But since the 2010 season, the league has held firm at 12 teams, and there’s only been two relocations in that time (Tulsa to Dallas in 2016 and San Antonio to Las Vegas this year).

I also think Charlotte would be another great opportunity to put a team back in its original city. The league needs success stories in new markets, and that only happens with proper, long-term investment. Now that we’ve reached Thursday’s voter registration deadline.

Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2008 NBAE. Howard: Again, the ownership details are most important, but Bay Area and Portland are my two biggest on the wishlist.

However, it is uncertain as to how different markets would respond to the idea of taking in WNBA teams.

Howard Megdal: Yes, provided strong ownership groups are in place. If quality ownership groups are out there, they should have every opportunity to help this league grow by bringing this league to their market.

Adding more teams and therefore more games and props to bet on could help but even that could be a challenge to some. 12 seems like a short bench, especially considering most of the players are competing year-round. But it will always come down to whether or not potential owners out there are willing to step up to the plate enough to truly invest their time, money and resources to make it all work. Jasmine: Any rule that would eliminate the number of reviews. Still, any prospective owner must ensure one has enough money to pay players and employees while also finding an arena to play in that is fully open and ready for use during the summer months when the WNBA is playing. The staff at High Post Hoops discusses WNBA expansion.

Alex: All of Ben’s ideas are exactly tied to what I’d think. There has to be a way to keep the seasoned vets in the league, while making room for newer players. That stability is leading to the idea that the league should expand again. Arielle: I’d say adding two teams would be a great asset for the league. We’re just a week into Year 22 of the WNBA, but after another training camp filled with league-quality players cut due to roster limits, it’s left many wondering if it’s time for expansion.

| Responsible Gambling, You must be 18 years old or older to enter this site. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Rumors of Connecticut hosting an NLL team are not new.

3. To name a few: the depth of the overall talent pool, more young international players vying for roster spots and quality competition for the final playoff spots between deserving teams, and a true wealth of superstar-level talent.

Arielle: I would just maybe alter the draft contract situation and give the draft picks guarantees. Perhaps in North Carolina or Florida? I also like Wayne’s idea of adding roster spots. Part of this comes from the negative stigma that people have towards womens' sports outside of tennis and golf. As far as a new city, I wonder if WBB would do well in Boston? pack and plays and playpens for the players’ children, art supplies and coloring sets, paint sets and supplies, board games, cards, dominoes, books and educational supplies, ping pong tables, Xboxes and other gaming consoles, outdoor games, a karaoke machine and even a bounce house. It’s about 85 miles from door-to-door from new arena to new arena and could be a premier rivalry over time. Given the cross-promotion during the NBA All-Star Weekend for the last 16 years fueled speculation the two leagues might merge, I think it’s time the WNBA in particular added … Sportsbook Rules Sports Specific Wager Limits In Play Bets, Straight Bets Parlay Bets Halftime Bets Teaser Bets If Bets Reverse Bets Round Robin Bets Prop Bets, NFL Football NCAA Football CFL Football Arena Football MLB Baseball NBA Basketball NCAA Basketball WNBA Basketball NHL Hockey Golf Boxing UFC Auto Racing Tennis Soccer Cycling Cricket American Idol Dancing With Stars Olympic Games, Sports Gambling | Sports Betting | Sportsbook | Online Betting | NFL Betting | College Basketball Betting | Basketball BettingMLB Betting | Hockey Betting | UFC Gambling | Auto Racing | Golf Betting | Tennis Gambling | FAQ  | Site Map 2. The driving force in the Seattle to OKC relocation was the arena. 12 teams over the next 16 years should be added to the NBA and the WNBA–4 to the NBA and 8 to the WNBA. The league has especially struggled to gain a hold in many markets. Interestingly enough, starting a WNBA franchise is not all that costly to do.
Our High Post Hoops staff gathered for a roundtable and answered four questions about WNBA expansion.

Making the case to add 12 More NBA and WNBA Expansion Teams by 2032 6 comments …You read that right. Something by the way of call-ups or an injured reserve, DL might be a nice addition. Erica: I’d love to see Houston or Sacramento get a team again. Arielle Chambers: It’s absolutely time to add teams to the W. Too much talent is going to waste because of lack of room. Blake: I think San Francisco is a no-brainer.

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