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“If I see a content creator draw an idol wearing clothes I haven’t seen before, or a video of a dance practice set to funny music, I know it’s because of fresh media from the new comeback,” Epps says.

1 on the Billboard 200 Chart. During comeback season, there’s so much content to consume, from teaser videos and photo shoots to countless interviews, fans can get caught up trying to find all the fresh content before the next piece comes out. This is a list with all announced Kpop January 2020 comebacks and debuts. There’s a LOT of content to keep up with during a comeback. Groups often post teaser videos, then trailers and finally the music video, all contributing to the same concept or storyline. JANNABI will make comeback in either late October or early November 2020 with new album. Pentagon - WE:TH [Random ver.] Need a new Kpop song for your playlist? Yezi, former Fiestar member, announced that she’ll make a comeback in January. 1ea CD+64p... Loona - 12:00 [Random ver.] IZ*ONE will be greeting fans in summer with a new season of their reality show "IZ*ONE CHU" Season 3!. After becoming the first KPOP group to perform at Coachella in 2016, Epik High continues to rise to greater prominence by delivering high-quality music like “Lovedrunk” to their fans. 저희가 하루하루 성실히 쌓아온 작업량은 2년에 한번 꼴로 내는 정규 앨범으로 감당해내긴 어려울 정도로 그 곡 수가 많습니다. Maybe HyunA premiered a music video, and there’s a beautiful shot with great colors that a fan artist wants to recreate with a painting, or they want to draw a portrait of HyunA inspired by the theme of the video that they share on their art pages. You must log in or register to reply here. Super Junior will release a Japanese mini album on January 29, 2020. While it’s not quite social media, artists’ websites will have minor clues hiding in corners and hidden pages. It’s creators like these that help Alex Epps keep up with comeback season, because the creators will post their own content soon after the original, which reminds her that there’s new content in the first place. The Korean Music Scene Is More Than K-Pop. In the K-Pop scene, a "comeback" is what you call the debut of a new release and all the promotional efforts that surround it.

KPop Lobby. Now, it seems the boys are gearing up to make more history with a brand new 2019 comeback.

1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, that's been translated by fans into English. Completely contrasting the mellow tune of BOL4’s “Bom,” “Kill This Love” features a strong, catchy beat that combines multiple genres including dance, rock, rap, and hip-hop into a single track. A comeback refers to the release of a new album, and comeback season refers to the months in summer and fall when most K-pop artists release new music. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © 2020 K-Pop Database. While K-Pop has been popular with niche international audiences for decades, with each successful comeback in 2018, BTS further catapulted themselves, and the genre, into "mainstream" status. 헤이즈) / Can’t Sleep (Feat. Wow there have been far too many amazing comebacks recently! Oh My Girl will release a Japanese Full-Length album titled Eternally on January 8, 2020. Your email address will not be published.

저희 3집을 기다려주시는 고마운 분들께 새로운 소식을 전해드립니다. Then Blackpink’s new track “Kill This Love” may be the right choice.

While this might be stressful for some, most fans describe comeback season as the most exciting part of K-pop. TXT is having their comeback on October 26th! 10월 19일 발매 될 예정인 저 유경의 첫 번째 솔로 싱글 앨범 ‘Connect’의 예약 판매가 시작되었다구 합니다 \(^0^)/ 제 첫 번째 음반은 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️여기의 링크에서 보실 수 있어요! That’s why update accounts are a vital part of surviving the flurry of posts and interactions. ^^ 10월 19일, A post shared by 임창정 (@imchangjung3309) on Oct 5, 2020 at 4:25am PDT, Kim Hyun Joong will release LIMITED EDITION Album ‘A Bell of Blessing’ on October 19, 2020 at 12:00 KST. PRISMA will make a debut on October 31, 2020, with Debut Single – “Breakout” under UnionWave Entertainment. 10. BTS is riding an incredible high into the new year after having an epically successful 2018. ENOi will have a comeback on January 12, 2020. If you don’t care about concept photos, ignore Instagram. GFriend will release Japanase single album 「回:LABYRINTH ~Crossroads~」on October 14, 2020 and 「回:Song of the Sirens ~Apple~」on October 21, 2020, On October 14, 2020 at 6 PM KST, Lovelyz Baby Soul, Mijoo and Jin released new song “Loving You” as an OST for KBS Drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”, EXO Chen will release digital single “Hello” on October 15, 2020 at 6 PM KST, PUNCH will make comeback with pre-release single “너의 목소리 (I Miss U)” October 15, 2020 at 6 PM KST ahead of the release of her first regular album, GARY will make comeback on October 15, 2020 at 6 PM KST with new mini album “2020” and title track “외곽순환도로”, Oct 15, 2020 18:00(kst) #외곽순환도로 #drive, A post shared by Kanggary (@kanggary_yangban) on Oct 13, 2020 at 5:34am PDT, On October 15, 2020 at 6 PM KST, MONSTA X Shownu will release new song “I’ll Be There” as an OST for tvN drama “The Tale of a Gumiho”, On October 15, 2020 at 6 PM KST, (G)I-DLE Miyeon & Minnie released new song ‘We Already Fell In Love’ as an OST for KBS Drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”, AKMU Lee Suhyun will make solo debut with title track “Alien” on October 16, 2020 at 6 PM KST, LEE SUHYUN ‘ALIEN’ TITLE POSTER1st Single✅2020.10.16 6PM#이수현 #LEESUHYUN #1stSingle #ALIEN #TitlePoster #Release #20201016_6PM #YG, M.O.N.T will release 3rd EP Album “Listen Up!” and title track “Anti-hero” on October 16, 2020. In fact, the combination of R&B singer Crush’s slow, rippling vocals and Epik High members Tablo and Mithra Jin’s gentle, yet impressive, rap parts not only adds to the mellowness of the song’s overall mood, but also demonstrates Epik High’s talent of manipulating notes to effectively evoke deep sentiments. Here you can see in individual pages every Music Video released by a certain group. CIX 3RD EP ALBUM 'HELLO'Chapter 3. ⠀ ⠀ DAHYE 1st Digital Single Concept Photo 2020.10.10. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. A surefire way to excite a K-pop fandom is to tell them their favorite artist changed their social media icon, and wait for a reaction. JavaScript is disabled. We couldnt find any news about it.

Twitter has a lot of great update accounts that will summarize the events of the day and share the highlights, but if you’re one of the brave souls still on Tumblr, there’s plenty of blogs posting everything you want to see in one central location. Want to take a break from the calm spring-themed songs?
그렇다고 준비중인 3집에 욱여넣기는 싫었구요.. ㅎㅎ (정규 3집은 지독히 사랑스러운 컨셉 앨범이 될 것 같습니다… ) 아직 제목을 짓진 않았지만 가제 ‘잔나비 소곡집 1’에는 여러분이 공연에서 일찍이 들으셨던 미발매곡들, 그리고 2집에 이어 3집에도 아쉽게 승선하지 못한 비장의 한 곡이 실릴 예정입니다. Heyyy, So recently there have been sooooo many comebacks that I can’t cope! This is a list with all announced Kpop January 2020 comebacks and debuts. 10. Twitter has a lot of great update accounts that will summarize the events of the day and share the highlights, but if you’re one of the brave souls still on Tumblr, there’s plenty of blogs posting everything you want to see in one central location.

On October 12, 2020 at 6 PM KST, J Rabbit will release new song “너로 가득해” as an OST for tvN drama “Record of Youth”, VERIVERY will make comeback with 5th MINI ALBUM [FACE US] on October 13, 2020 at 6 PM KST, VERIVERYFACE it ep. Such warm emotions, in fact, are strongly evoked by the combination of the band’s vocalist Ahn Ji-young’s ringing voice and the soft, melodic background tune.
CRAVITY will continue their promotion for B-side track “Ohh Ahh” from their EP “Season 2. Major K-Pop Comebacks as Awards Season Approaches, Winner’s comeback dominates online music charts with “Exit:E”, New YG group successful after delayed first album, Editorial: The normalization of slurs on campus. And now they, along with their K-Pop contemporaries, are getting more international recognition than ever before. Which Viral TikTok Life Hacks Actually Work, and Which Are Busts? According to an AllKPop translation, the report states: What's even better is that unlike their last three comebacks, this one will reportedly feature an entirely different concept. You can also see the July 2020 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts here and September 2020 K-Pop Comebacks and Debuts here. ], Please rotate your screen for better reading experience, BLACKPINK ‘Sour Candy’ Collab with Lady Gaga, BLACKPINK Pre-release single “How You Like That”. Previously, YG Entertainment stated that as it is the production of a full-length album with over 10 songs and not a single or mini album, it took a longer amount of time than expected, and he is currently focusing on the final stages of recording. Jenny Seo is a sophomore and reporter for the Tiger Times. SM Entertainment announced that NCT 2020 will include the 21 members of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, along with two new members Shotaro and Sungchan who will be joining a new NCT team that will be launched in the future. Featuring Blackpink members Lisa and Jennie’s hard-hitting raps along with Rosé and Jisoo’s stunning vocals, the band’s music video was recorded as the first among all KPOP videos to reach 80 million views.

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