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voter registration certificate

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To find answers to your questions please use the options to select who you are and what you are looking for. 3.3.

See Section 5 of this directive for information regarding new registrants whose registrations will be effective on or after NOVEMBER 15, 2017, but before JANUARY 1, 2018. Persons who register to vote whose registrations will become effective after NOVEMBER 14, 2017, and before JANUARY 1, 2018, may be issued initial certificates for the remainder of the voting year (Blue certificate). By rule of the secretary of state:  (a) The phrase "(t)he voter's name in the form indicated by the voter" in Texas Election Code §15.001 shall not be read to include a former name provided by the voter on the voter registration application; and (b) The voter's name as it appears on the voter registration certificate shall reflect the information provided by the voter on the most recent application supplied by that voter to the voter registrar. See Section 3 of this directive for further discussion.

TEAM will preprint the boxes on the certificates as well as the jurisdiction type. Area for Postal Information.

VUID number. Offline counties must use the layout of the form enclosed but if they wish to print the maximum 14 jurisdictional boxes, they will have to work with their local postmaster on the design. Innovative research and data collection fuels the EAC’s mission to improve voter experience and support election administrators. To take advantage of the lower postage rate, the mailing list must be certified that it has been updated within 95 days of the mailing. VOTER REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES EXPLAINED.

To obtain approval for this alteration a sample certificate with the proposed modification should be provided. This is maintained in the Active Certificate files at the county office and is not maintained in TEAM.

Texas Administrative Rule §81.10 outlines the requirements regarding the name of the Voter to print on the Voter Registration Certificate. Once you receive the voter registration certificate please check your certificate to make sure all information is correct.

State Senate; 3. If gender is not provided on the application, either leave the field blank or specify “U” in the gender field on the voter registration certificate to indicate it was unspecified. Justice of the Peace; 6. Duplicate Certificate Files. If the certificates will be mailed as postcards rather than in envelopes, certain postal requirements must be met. Nicknames may not be used unless the voter indicated a nickname as his or her name on the application.

"Secretary of State's Office, Elections Division" and the Secretary of State's toll-free number (1-800-252-8683) must be printed directly across from the voter registrar's name and address, as indicated on the attached sample card. Funds received under Sections 19.001-19.006 of the Texas Election Code may not be used for payment of postage for mailing certificates. The voter registrar's name, telephone number, and return address must be printed in the upper left-hand corner above the dotted line. 2.10. Voter registration forms allow a qualifying individual to be able to vote in the State where he or she is a resident.The voting system in the United States is set up at the State-level which allows you to cast your vote for local, State, and federal elections (including for President of the United States). In accordance with Texas Election Code Section 31.003, this directive establishes the requirements for voter registrars to issue voter registration certificates. The name on the voter registration certificate shall be restricted to first name, middle name (if any is supplied by the voter on the most recent application), and last name (including suffix, if any).” The voter registrar may also include abbreviations of names indicated on the voter registration application. Press Tab key to navigate through navigation items Or press Esc key to exit the main navigation. The year of birth (not birth date) and election precinct number must be indicated on the certificate, as well as the permanent residence address (and the mailing address, if these two addresses are different).

There must also be a ¼"-clear space below the endorsement. Rolando B. Pablos The permanent residence address or a concise description of the location of the permanent residence must be printed on the left-hand portion of the certificate.

2.2. Ask a real person any government-related question for free.

The boxes with voter unique identifier (VUID), year of birth, and valid from date, will also be printed by TEAM and not preprinted on the card stock by your printer. The certificate may include a designation of gender if gender has been provided on the application. In accordance with Section 14.023, Election Code, the voter registrar is required to mail, after January 1, 2018 but no later than March 1, 2018, a confirmation notice and response form to each voter whose renewal certificate was returned as undeliverable.

The TEAM System prints the gender information, including the “U” designation, in a preprinted box on the certificates. Secretary of State Approval. The post office has advised our office not to print any type of barcode for the zip code if it is only going to be the 5 digit or 9 digit zip code. If a laser printer is used, the certificates must be printed on an 8½” x 14” sheet of paper with a 1” gripper at the top and a 1¼” margin on the left side of the paper.

If a registered voter requests a replacement certificate because his or her original certificate has been lost or destroyed, the "VALID FROM" date on the replacement certificate is the same as the date on the certificate that is being replaced. Section 15.001, Election Code requires that “Each voter registration certificate issued must contain the voter's name in the form indicated by the voter, subject to applicable requirements prescribed by Section 13.002. The voter registrar will receive an address correction at no extra charge when the certificate is returned with the endorsement "RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED." If the post office provided a forwarding address on the returned certificate, the confirmation notice and response form must be mailed to the address given.

The stock is white index or the equivalent.

The voter registrar should coordinate with the local postmaster before the mailing date. Please ask your printer to send a proof of your certificate for layout purposes before they are printed to our office for pre-approval. These voters are NOT mailed a renewal certificate. Information on certificate. Coordination with Local Postal Authorities. It is recommended that all counties use a non-bold, 4pt sans-serif font for the return address information. - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. This format has been approved by the Postmaster in Austin. You are inside Main Navigation.

Yes No If there is a mistake, immediately make corrections and return it to one of our offices. To meet postal requirements, the paper must be at least .007" thick and not more than .016" thick. The replacement certificate must have a notation that it is a replacement certificate.

As a reminder, all voters in an Active, Suspense, or Cancelled status will have the Valid From Date updated to the 2018-2019 biennial cycle when the Mass Mail Out is run. The state seal is placed to the left of the name of the county. Links from these pages/this page to non-Election Guidance on Use of HAVA Funds for Expenses Related to COVID-19.

The voter registrar shall issue a voter registration renewal certificate to each voter in the county in Active Status whose registration is effective on the preceding NOVEMBER 14.

The Secretary of State has authorized the printing of the 10 digit VUID number in a barcode format in addition to a numeric-value format. Secretary of State, More about Identification Requirements for Voting, Early voting for the November 3, 2020 Uniform Election Date runs Tuesday, October 13, 2020 – Friday, October 30, 2020, Voting Issues for Texas Evacuees Due to Natural Disasters, Information on Testing Sites is now available, Texas Election Code Sections 31.002 and 31.003, Secretary of State Directive of August 27, 2015. © The counties will not receive any postal discount if the post office has to barcode the mail piece. They'll get you the answer or let you know where to find it. Are you a United States Citizen? Again, for placement of a barcode-format VUID number, you must coordinate the printing with the postmaster to ensure that it complies with other postal requirements.

Using the Pantone 107U (Yellow) to "color" the paper will ensure that all certificates are printed uniformly across the state. Any preprinted information on the right-hand side of the card must be shaded. Issued this 20th day of September, 2017. type and must appear at least ¼" below the voter registrar's return address.

If an envelope is used to mail the voter registration certificate, the instruction to the postmaster, "RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED," must be printed on the front of the envelope at least ¼" below the return address of the voter registrar. It is recommended that a universal-product barcode be used rather than the type of barcode that is used for zip codes, which is an intelligent mail barcode.

If you lose or misplace your certificate, notify the voter registrar in writing. Before Effective Date.

Proof of issuing a renewal certificate is required, and instructions in Section 4 of this directive should be followed to provide such proof. 3.2. The name of the voter printed on the certificate must be sufficient for the election judge to be able to identify the voter. There must also be a clear space of ¼" below the endorsement. 2.1. Any combination of the three optional district codes may be chosen by the voter registrar for inclusion on the certificate without prior approval.


6.1. 7.1. If the post office did not provide a forwarding address, the confirmation notice and response form must be mailed to the last known mailing address of the voter.

Changes in the prescribed text are not permitted without prior written approval of this office. Our office recommends that the local postmaster approve the placement of district numbers on the certificate prior to printing if you are using any other format than the one prescribed. You will receive your voter registration certificate within 30 days from the date our office receives your voter registration application. The color for the 2018-2019 certificate is Pantone 107U (Yellow).

Footer. There is no charge for this service since the new address will appear on the original mail piece. All rights reserved. Color and paper specifications. When paper is manufactured, there can be a variance in the thickness of the paper, so be sure to state in the specifications that the paper must meet postal requirements for calibration. This office provides oversight, monitoring and technical assistance on HAVA grant funds. ... voter registration certificate Print Email Share Glossary Term. 2.8.

implicit or explicit endorsement by the Election Assistance Commission of any commercial or private issues or products presented here. Use the ten-digit VUID number already assigned to the voter. Contact your local postmaster for various ways to prepare your mailing to obtain the lowest possible postal rate.

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