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I have been using this framework for a some months now, both for personal problems and work projects. Unknown Knowns (our intuitions and prejudices): can be put aside if we trust the data instead. It's in the documentary "the reality of the virtual". Diejenigen, die nicht wissen, aber wissen, dass sie nichts wissen ... Sein lahmendes Maultier wird ihn schließlich nach Hause bringen. Slavoj Žižek. Take a look,,, How UX designers use psychology to manipulate their users, 29 of My Favorite Design Tools & Websites You’ve Never Heard of, UI cheat sheet: The 5 love languages of the web. But there are also unknown unknowns.

Alistair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz used the Knowns and Unknowns framework in their book Lean Analytics to describe different ways of looking at data. University of Notre Dame Press, South Bend, Karatani K (2003) Transcritique. And please don’t let it into the hands of war seekers. And the fact that the case turned into a public scandal that put the U.S. administration on the defensive is a positive sign.

But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know. Organisations that insist on doing forecasting and detailed planning in a chaotic environment will fail.

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So it was not that U.S. authorities were getting no signals about what was going on - they simply admitted the crimes only when (and because) they were faced with their disclosure in the media. The knowns

The task of philosophy is not to provide answers or solutions, but to submit to critical analysis the questions themselves, to make us see how the very way we perceive a problem is an obstacle to its solution.

Rumsfeld’s words have been turned into a poem, written by an unknown poet (very appropriately!) We will explore some ways of making sure that we take all our knowledge and lack of it into account as part of our research or Design Thinking methods. In the 1950s two psychologists, Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham, developed the Johari Window, a method to help people evaluate what they think about themselves in contrast with what others think of them. New! Unknown Knowns (6 min sermon) Posted By vermonthills on Mar 31, 2020 | 0 comments. 411–434. Diejenigen, die wissen und wissen, dass sie wissen ... Sein Pferd der Weisheit wird den Himmel erreichen. To surface the Unknown Unknowns, you need to explore a problem with an open mind. He gives the example of Climate Change: we all know it is happening, but we fail to act on it on our daily decisions. Slavoj Zizek, a Slovenian Marxist philosopher, says that what is most important to mankind is what he calls “unknown knowns.” These are things that exist and have been influencing our life and our approach to reality, but we are unaware of knowing them, or we do not realize their value, or worst we refuse to acknowledge knowing them. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. Facts are Known Knowns. How might we test our hypotheses? They explained that the soldiers were not properly taught the Geneva Convention rules about how to treat war prisoners - as if one has to be taught not to humiliate and torture prisoners! Rumsfeld certainly made the framework more popular than NASA, for good or bad. PubMed Google Scholar.

Donald Rumsfeld re-appears in this short history of the Knowns and Unknowns: it is believed that it was a senior engineer from NASA that told Rumsfeld about the framework before he made use of it in the famous press conference in 2002.

The torture at Abu Ghraib was thus not simply a case of American arrogance toward a Third World people.

Den Soziologen Christopher Daase and Oliver Kessler sahen das kognitive Rahmenwerk von politischem Handeln (vgl. As a side note, the method uses adjective cards similar to those used in usability evaluation tools like Microsoft’s Reaction Cards.

The way to deal with chaos is by being prepared to respond to eventualities: agility and adaptability are key. The known and the unknown have to be treated in very different ways. In a Design Thinking or UCD context this usually translates into creating quick sketches or diagrams with potential solutions that you then need to pass through the sieve of the team, and test with users. Theories are often built based on previous knowledge, inferred, not observed. We know there are some things But these are basically just ideas based on existing knowledge.

Das Statement geht vermutlich auf eine Präsentation Nassim Nicholas Talebs zurück, der seine im Jahr 2007 in Der Schwarze Schwan: Die Macht höchst unwahrscheinlicher Ereignisse ausgearbeitete Thesen bereits in einem Vorgängerbuch (deutsch Narren des Zufalls) skizziert hatte und beim amerikanischen Verteidigungsministerium zu einer Präsentation eingeladen worden war. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 9. When the scandalous news broke about the weird things going on in Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, we got a glimpse of this very dimension of themselves that Americans do not control. I think it is fair to say that the reception by the press was mixed: some accused him of playing with words with little meaning, while others saw some method in what he was trying to do.

Slavoj Zizek is a Slovenian philosopher well known for his controversial statements, like this one: “We are all basically evil, egotistical, disgusting”. By doing this, we make the problem space larger and so the solution space also becomes larger.

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