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state of play 2020

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Go To Pandemic Trends The Aspen Institute’s Project Play explores the state of youth sports in 2020 – past, present and future – during one of the most turbulent years our country has ever witnessed. Far too many kids were still left behind due to money and competition, or not having a quality experience to entice them to stay. By September 2020, many parts of the country were back to playing sports. But sports were at least happening. Subsequent killings of Black people by police precipitated protests around the country – and calls for greater equity in society’s leading institutions. Thank you to our partner, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), sponsor of the State of Play 2020 report.

The Aspen Institute’s Project Play explores the state of youth sports in 2020 – past, present and future – during one of the most turbulent years our country has ever witnessed. Some teams rushed back in; others proceeded cautiously. Millions of kids prepared for their spring sports season. Then a global pandemic retired every child. I’m the director of the Foreign Press Centers and I am really thrilled to see such a great crowd here in person, and I know we have really fantastic virtual audiences assembled as well for today’s briefing, The State of Play for the 2020 U.S. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on Project Play news, events and resources. Some parents have said they enjoyed the time off from so much sports during the pandemic to reconnect with other family activities and take a break from the demands of organized youth sports.

Life was still relatively normal in late February and early March 2020. Now what? No one quite knew the best approach in these unprecedented times, in part because of how fragmented the youth sports ecosystem is in the United States. Hitman Trilogy to Be Playable in PSVR. Elections, with our distinguished briefer, Mr. John Zogby. But which sports returned still varied by state and local communities. My name is Caroline Savage. 2300 N Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20037 | © 2020 Aspen Institute, Call for Leadership: A Platform for Action, Download All Charts from This Report as a PDF. High school basketball teams dreamed of state championships. IO's Hitman trilogy, including the forthcoming Hitman 3, will … Sports participation continued to grow, from elementary through high school ages, as another sign of progress since the Great Recession of 2008 discarded many kids. Youth sports returned in starts and stops, depending on the community and the sport. By no means was youth sports perfect in late winter 2020.

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