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star trek retribution

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Reyf is going to be dark and mysterious; Garr is going to be menacing and very, very threatening for his appearances; Prentice is all grown up and has become a fine commanding officer, and in general everyone's going to be acting more like the cohesive and adult Starfleet crews we've seen over the last few decades. Lt. Cmdr. In this version of the scene, the two of them speak to one another as friends, and Prentice echoes the line spoken by Drakus on the bridge of the Iron Vulture: "A lifetime is a terrible thing to waste."

The remastered visual effects made late in production alleviated this problem. Starfleet Engages the Borg (Star Trek: First Contact), 38. Lowest Rated Movies, TV Shows and Episodes. You can help Star Trek Adversaries Wiki by expanding it. The surface texture of the New Romulan moon the, Early on, the shots of the ships flying through spacedock are recreations of similar shots from the end of, The same two exterior shots of Rimward Station appear over and over again, usually backed by a, After the scene in Engineering when Mitchell discovers the trick with the plasma grid, the first shot of Reyf walking down the corridor is recycled from, The chase through the asteroid field re-used footage originally created for the prologue sequence of, Then later, the sounds of explosions from the same movie show up during the chase through the. SELECTIONER ; Info. Each member of the series' main cast was scanned into the game using motion capture. Technodrome (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), 42.

If you look closely, she has four rank pips, three gold, one black, kind of a "captain junior grade." Star Trek II: Retribution ", We get a hint that it's the same one when Reyf says "When he arrived to deliver the evidence to the Romulans, he was in a, When Kendra calls Earth to talk to Merv, she repeats almost word for word what, Later, Palpatine's Death Star throne room from, In Reyf's quarters, one of the pictures hanging on the wall is a photo of, The Romulan consulate building is actually the, In Prentice's quarters is a gold replica of the classic, And directly above that, in a rare instance of, The launch bay at Rimward Station is played by Lorenzo Mangogna's, In the first officer's quarters, a gold model of the, In the Jefferies Tubes, Hargrove's tool is another appearance by a, When Kendra contacts the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to speak to Merv, the "office wall" behind him looks suspiciously like a wall from, And Prentice's seems to be "We're doomed.". or "Why about Star Trek?" To the consternation of many fans, scenes would often end on cliffhangers, with one flowing fluidly into the next with minimal transition required. In the attempt, the, The dedication plaque on the bridge simply says "USS, Then again, there are other times when the saucer section doesn't have. destroyed (2260s decade), The NV Retribution was a Na'kuhl starship, a Daemosh-class destroyer timeship, in service to the radical General Vosk in the 2260s decade. The year is 2388, ten years after we last saw our crew of intrepid heroes aboard the USS F. Scott Fitzgerald.

How about the scene where the cloaking device fails and our heroes run for their lives, Several scenes late in the movie feature genuine, honest-to-Prophets BATTLE SEQUENCES. Darren Pude. The Healing Process (Star Trek: Insurrection), 107. Star Trek: Time Warp Series, which includes Star Trek II: Retribution at Star Trek Reviewed,, 1. Section 31, President Vindenpawl and the Romulans are all under suspicion. While on the holodeck, there are several shots in which Prentice's and. After the flight through the minefield, Prentice congratulates his helm officer on a job well done. It is implied that "the Shinzon incident" threw their civilization into chaos, but after the loss of their homeworld, suddenly the various warring factions have become united again. Darker and Edgier sequel to the popular Star Trek fan film Star Trek Specter.. File:Poster 2 4678.jpg. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "The Core of the Matter"), Soon after the loss of the USS Constellation by the first Doomsday machine the Na'kuhl delivered to this time period, the Retribution brought another one to Galorndon Core. Captain's Star Log (Star Trek ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly"), 47.

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