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potential in a sentence

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Sumpner in 1891, an electrostatic voltmeter is employed to measure the fall of potential V 1 down any inductive circuit in which it is desired to measure the power absorption, and also the volt-drop V2 down an inductionless resistance R in series with it, and also the volt-drop V3 down the two together. They challenged me and made me realize that my potential as a blind equestrian lies beyond being given pony rides. Potential Diagrams on the Contact Theory. abortifacient potential of interferon beta (see section 4.6, and section 5.3 ). Potential means possible, able (This would also be the case if you were using it in a verb sense used in third person singular, but potential doesn't usually get used as a verb). The use of this potential authority, which the possession of the veto power gives, has now become one of a governors most important duties. They are often habitual readers and they typically select professions on the basis of how much potential for growth they offer.

initial brainstorms on the health project raised questions around the potential for smart cards for health. The Rick Hansen Institute works to remove barriers that limit people with disabilities from reaching their full potential. conclusion conjoint analysis offers the potential of identifying individual patient priorities for low vision rehabilitation. I monitor and balance potential outcomes and free will. These groups will focus directly on rural development and in particular encourage new innovative measures to develop locally generated potential. The potential diagrams already given have been drawn on this assumption, that the Thomson effect is not really due to convection of heat by the current, but is the measure of an E.M.F. Babysitters now outnumbered their potential customers, as fami­lies with young children could seldom afford the little three-bed­room "Norman," much less "The Saxon" or the bi-level "King Richard.". The importance of this investigation resides in the fact that an electrometer of the above pattern can be used as a wattmeter, provided that the deflection of the needle is proportional to the potential difference of the quadrants.

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: This highlights their potential as an effective coastal monitoring system and an aid to coastal zone management. Current and potential impacts of pitch canker in Radiata pine. This is carried out when we provide potential customers with a quote. Special Features The subject specialism of the pathway allows you to pursue an interest in addition to law, thus broadening your employment potential. There will be potential tax benefits depending on your individual circumstances. People under stress tend to express their full range of, 6. big difference to your earning potential.

(realize, achieve, explore, fulfill, unlock, meet) entered into negotiations with a second potential licensee.
Should I mention in my statement of purpose that I did not attend lectures in my last two years of undergrad? Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw?

For migratory species on the verge of stock collapse, we must now aim to maximize the potential to recover. In the same way it may be employed to measure high potentials by measuring the fall of potential down a fraction of a known non-inductive resistance. For such purposes the whole of the working parts are contained in a metal case; the indicating needle moving over a divided scale which is calibrated to show directly the potential difference in volts of the terminals of the instrument. So let us advice you on the best ways to use your time out and impress potential employers at the same time. It's a potential outcome, if this doesn't go my way. From the use of macro focusing, the worlds seem immense with potential; Gottelier is telling stories using scraps of familiarity.

All Rights Reserved. plasma amino acids profiles in children with autism: potential risk of nutritional deficiencies.

In the first instance, as following upon conquest or potential conquest, the Fulani emirs who were appointed by government to each of the great native states were installed under a letter of appointment in which (in addition to rights of legislation, taxation and other powers inherent in suzerainty) the ultimate title to all land was transferred from the Fulani dynasty and vested in the British. The BPA put to good use every penny raised and you will be helping our Paralympic athletes reach their true potential.

Finally, we would caution against wholesale employer compulsion given the potential negative impact that this may have on SMEs. Do you mean that they report issues about potentials (perhaps voltage differences?

Another potential case prompted a lively discussion among our group. Because its meaning has to be imputed, we have tended to describe it in terms of prior technologies—which, in many cases, understates its potential by many orders of magnitude. Usually at this time of morning she would be on her computer, searching for potential missing children for Howie to help. English Language & Usage Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts. In our opinion the business offers tremendous potential for further increase in the right hands.

The hypostasis through which this takes place is the personal Logos through whose union with this potential man, in the womb of Mary, the potential man acquires a concrete reality, an individual existence. If these spark balls are set at the right distance, then when the potential difference accumulates the antenna will be charged and at some stage suddenly discharged by the discharge leaping across the spark gap.

(CK) You have real potential.

The ones that we love the most have the greatest, 27. According to the mathematical theory of the instrument,' if V and V' are the potentials of the quadrants and v is the potential of the needle, then the torque acting upon the needle to cause rotation is given by the expression, C(V - V'){v-2(V-{-V')}, where C is some constant. I am not persuaded that barriers to entry are low enough to offset the potential detriment to competition. Search by funding details The search by funding details is the best method of identifying potential funders. (CK) I know the potential consequences.

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of 1.45 volts between the quadrants only varied about II% when the potential of the needle varied from 896 to 3586 volts.

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