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The package includes 14 servings of the Lean Body Protein Shake, an easily absorbed, hypoallergenic mix of protein and amino acids to provide core nutrients your body needs to establish overall health. My eating habit plan began with one week of Dr. P’s Pure Change detox program, which includes protein powder for shakes, protein bars, supplements (like magnesium and probiotics), and a detailed list of vegetables you can eat for lunch and dinner. After spending six weeks with Dr. P (I am now an ongoing patient), it’s suffice to say that he has inspired an entire lifestyle change. His education, experience, and use of state of the art equipment, allows him to achieve optimal results with each patient. My first session began with a discussion about these tenets. However, tonight, I might make the choice not to drink knowing what it will do to my body. The benefits of the plan are a healthier, stronger, leaner and more energized individual. Then, I’d perhaps snack on some of the healthy or not-so-healthy foods we keep stocked in the office. The results were honestly pretty astounding. He said, “Have you ever been in a relationship that was bad for you?” Check, I thought. Without further ado, keep reading for everything that happened during my weeklong detox. So I decided to bring out the big guns.

It came with its own to-go shaker cup too! Stress. Then I get off the subway a stop earlier for a 20-minute walk. According to Dr. P, everything we do in our life is our choice—besides bodily functions. I now drink two to three liters of water a day and feel less bloated, have more energy, a clearer complexion, and much better digestion. I’m not a 19-year-old member of the Hadid family or someone who cares to maintain a sample size. I made an appointment and was immediately nervous—I was wading into unchartered territory. Ruby Rose was there, after all. Here's how he changed mine. Once you accept—or decide to change your choices—what is there to be upset/angry/stressed about? That meant contacting Dr. Charles Passler, a notable nutritionist in the industry who boasted incredible results with models and celebrities alike. We went through the program—I go into more detail about that below—and with each step, Dr. Passler had more and more valuable insight to share. By following through on cleaner, long-term eating habits, you’ll just feel better. “When you adjust your focus to accept one what’s good for your body,” Dr. Passler says, “the condition of your skin, hair, eyes, nails, and even your mental attitude improve.” He continued, “You’ll wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed without having to rely on caffeine to get your day going.” No coffee? Passler provided a probiotic to support digestion and the immune system, as well as magnesium for relaxation, sleep, bowel motility, and healthy muscle function. I will, however, be miserable if I don’t stay healthy and keep feeling like I’m putting my wellness first. Hallie has worked in beauty editorial for eight years and has been a senior editor at Byrdie since 2016. events almost every night with champagne flowing.

The next of Dr. P’s tenets are life habits that I now regularly employ (although constantly reminding yourself that you have a choice is an ongoing battle). By the end of the week, I had gotten a rhythm down and actually enjoyed washing down half a protein bar with a chocolaty protein shake. The comparison he was making was a good one. When I was told I could eat vegetables, never did it cross my mind that it wasn’t all vegetables. I had gotten a restful night’s sleep (and no cocktails at dinner), so I felt strong and on track. So I made the call. Quitting Coffee Was Tough—But You Should See My Glowing Skin, My Period Went AWOL, So I Asked a Doctor to Explain Why, 17 Healthy Habits You Need to Adopt in Your 20s S, No Bullsh*t—VS Models Tell Us What They Really, Truly Eat in a Day, A First-Time Mom Shares the Truth About Life After Baby, How Stephanie Szostak Transitioned From Marketing to Acting, L.A. vs. NYC—Real Girls Share What They Actually Eat in 24 Hours, Mari Andrew: The Artist Who Turned Her Break-Up Into a Thriving Career, Exclusive: Inside Rebecca Minkoff's Elevated Family Home in NYC, Career Advice for Millennials From Women Who've Already Conquered the Workforce, Landing a Dream Job in Any Field: Career Stories of Successful Women, Authenticity, Creativity, Drive: Model Teddy Quinlivan Is the Woman to Watch, 13 Wildly Successful Women Who Hustled Their Way to the Top, These Body Moisturizers Actually Work Wonders, According to Reviewers, Meet Alison Rice, a Digital Leader and Architect of Her Own Success, "The Timing Will Never Be Right"—Why This Entrepreneur Didn't Wait for Success, MyDomaine uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. United States. I practically yelped. There are events almost every night with champagne flowing and breakfasts scheduled with press reps in the morning. As someone who’s tried plenty of unpleasant detox and protein shakes, I was hesitant. Pure Change Program by Dr. Charles Passler.

And you know what shallow breathing causes? After work, I like to spend time with friends because FOMO and such, so I’d usually have a beer or two and some dinner out. I also discovered I have a sweet tooth and prefer apples and raspberries to potatoes and grains. Suddenly I realized some of the weight had crept back along my waistline and my diet wasn’t as clean as it once was. Then, I slowly integrated proteins, fruit, and carbohydrates back into my diet. All this stress, Dr. P emphasizes, is what wreaks havoc on our bodies. It wasn’t my usual spicy Caesar, but it was palatable. He really does work hard to make sure you’re healthy but also happy—which I think is why he’s so special in the industry.

And by accepting that, I’m happy with my decision. Hence, stress.”. That feeling lasted through the next day when I decided to get an arugula salad with (literally) only one tablespoon of olive oil mixed in with the lemon. And what a deep breath can help with?

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