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oatmeal bath benefits

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An oatmeal bath is an easy, inexpensive and 100% natural solution to soothe and calm irritated or dry skin. “Be careful when standing up because the tub can’t get slippery from the oats,” Dr. Zeichner. An oatmeal bath doesn’t just make your skin feel amazing (although that’s a definite perk to keep in mind). Sign up for the latest beauty news, product samples and coupons, This sign up is for U.S. consumers. Soak in your oatmeal bath for anywhere from 15-30 minutes, and that’s it! , Erwin Z, Comment Closed. Irritation such as diaper rash, eczema, sunburn, chicken pox, baby acne, poison ivy or oak, bug bites and more can also be helped safely and naturally with oatmeal baths for children and babies.

You can typically find it in the beauty aisle of your local drugstore!

Although you can find oatmeal bath powders online, making your own recipe is easier. Please help us improve. They are naturally gluten free, packed full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, are relatively low in calories, and are absolutely delicious. Oats have been shown to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, as well as total cholesterol (3). By using oatmeal bath regularly, your skin will become more elastic and softer. And interestingly, this is no new discovery, as oats have been used historically to treat skin itching, rashes and inflammation (5). Next up: Who says you have to limit yourself to oatmeal baths? , Comment Closed, May 22, 2015 Oats are considered by many to be the healthiest grain on the planet. This type of oatmeal is different than the steel and quick oats you may be used to reaching for when preparing breakfast. And thanks to these properties, using oatmeal in a bath helps to reduce the itchiness caused by the infection. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Check out our article on How to Take the Best Bath Ever. Connect with L’Oreal on social to get more of the brands you love, including product updates and inspiration for your ever-changing style. Soak yourself for half an hour in the water while gently rubbing your skin. But rather than just rubbing your benefits-laden bowl of Quaker Oats on a patchy area of skin, set the scene and draw yourself a hygge-approved, mood-boosting bath.

Antioxidants are important for fighting free radicals in the body, which are damaging to our cells and DNA and have been linked to cancer and other degenerative diseases. And for a second opinion (hey, gotta do your due diligence), dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, MD, agrees: “It’s also anti-inflammatory and reduces itch. As you’ve learned, oats are highly effective in soothing itchy or irritated skin (anything from a random itch to eczema) and their antioxidant content is also beneficial in skin care. So, what have you got to lose? It also helps alleviate skin irritations cause by poison ivy. 2. [MM_Form type=’checkout’ membershipLevelId=’1′][MM_Form_Message type=”error”][MM_Form_Section type=”accountInfo”], First Name: [MM_Form_Field type=”input” name=”firstName”], Email: [MM_Form_Field type=”input” name=”email”], [MM_Form_Field type=”hidden” name=”password” isRequired=’false’][MM_Form_Field type=”hidden” name=”lastName” isRequired=’false’][MM_Form_Field type=”hidden” name=”phone” isRequired=’false’][/MM_Form_Section]. You can either buy colloidal oats pre-ground, or simply add a cup of whole oats to a blender and grind them into a fine powder. Taking an oatmeal bath for eczema is a tried-and-true remedy.

Oatmeal Bath Benefits.

The AAD suggests soaking for 10 to 15 minutes. Either way, whipping up an oatmeal bath only takes a couple minutes, but can reduce discomfort for hours, and will leave your skin feeling fresh and protected.

You may have heard about the wonders an oatmeal bath can do for your skin, and it’s time we shared the facts. Oatmeal Bath Benefit #1.

It also offers a host of other benefits:

Oats are soothing and reduce itchiness, which of course assists with healing.

Be careful getting into the tub, as oats can make the floor a bit slippery. An oatmeal bath is beneficial to both skin diseases, and can help reduce inflammation. This site is intended for US consumers. These two chemicals are anti-inflammatory.

Whether you choose to use an oatmeal bath to help relieve irritation or itchiness caused by minor rashes or eczema, we never say no to indulging in a little oatmeal “me time.” Ready to expand your skin care knowledge?

Cookies and related technology are used for advertising. Oats have natural exfoliating and soothing properties. Once the time is up, step out and pat yourself dry. Oatmeal Bath Benefit #1.

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