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In fact, this tapir will retreat into the water whenever it feels threatened by predators like jaguars and cougars.

There is also a thin, dark stripe on the head and dark triangles in front of each eye. One giant armadillo provides ample meat and protein for many indigenous people in South America. Like other spider monkeys, this white-bellied species sails and swings through the Ecuadorian rainforest like a trapeze artist. Afterward, the male fertilizes and devotedly guards the eggs. The vampire bat is among the smallest rainforest animals in Ecuador. Its bald head, red face, shaggy coat and unusually short tail don’t do much aesthetically, at least to the human eye. Monk saki monkeys are known to be shy and cautious animals that travel together in family groups. Just like the other monkeys on this list, brown woolly monkeys travel together in groups but will often split up into smaller groups when foraging. It lives in primary and degraded forests, near water bodies. These playful and mischievous monkeys have appeared in TV shows and movies. They prefer hanging out in trees that are nearby water. It’s the male that gets all the showy plumage. They are important to their habitat because they prevent overpopulation of their prey. Because of its appetite for blood, it’s sometimes called the vampire fish.

The jaguar has a solid, muscular body with a broad head and strong jaws that deliver the most powerful bite of all the world’s big wildcats. Secondly, only the upper side of the wings appear blue. They also use echolocation to determine their surroundings. Shapeshifters aren’t just a myth. Ecuador travel: There are so many places to see in Ecuador.
Because they are considered as “fish” by the Catholic Church, huge quantities of these tortoises are eaten during Holy Week. These reports warn people not to urinate in the rivers because the candiru can enter a human’s urethra, causing pain and infection. Some, like the spider monkey, also have a prehensile tail — a useful adaption not present in Old World monkeys. How to Book When you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. It’s been speculated that king vulture parents purposely keep their nests smelling horrible to deter predators. During breeding cycles, females lay thousands of eggs that stick to submerged aquatic plants. Check out our full guide to spectacled caiman. They are monogamous and mate for life. Pink river dolphins are very intelligent animals and even have a brain capacity that’s 40% larger than humans. This owl is a handsome bird with a chocolate-colored head, neck collar and upper parts that contrast with a cream-colored belly and throat. They are friendly to humans and have been known to help push swimmers to shore. It takes this sloth a whole two weeks to digest a single meal. Did you know that this sloth’s fur is an ecosystem?

Juveniles remain with their mothers for about 17 months. Woolly Monkey, Four species of woolly monkey live in the Amazon Rainforest. Adults will then swim in circles around the nesting sites to guard the eggs which hatch after only about three days.
Although it is rare, it can bite a human. It is found in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru . The American crocodile lives in saltwater habitats, feeding primarily on fish but also turtles, crustaceans and the occasional bird or mammal. Living in mountainous regions, this shy, elusive creature is an extremely powerful predator with with massive paws and muscular hind legs that enable it to leap nearly 20 feet high and outrun most other animals. Learn more about all 24 species of blue morpho butterflies. It also has a long, fluffy tail. If food is scarce, they will enter into a feeding frenzy attack to prevent starvation, but this is rare. Sometimes, it may also have spots. It’s a secretive animal that sleeps by day in a high tree branch and goes out hunting at night for rodents, rabbits, fish, crabs and lizards as well as the occasional monkey. Males make swinging movements with their heads to communicate with other males, but females do not make these movements at all. The fish uses this tongue for crushing prey (other fish, crustaceans, frogs and water birds). Here are other animals that display iridescent colors. They all vary in size and colors, and it’s believed that the more colorful they are, the more poisonous. To organize this guide, the rainforest animals are divided into the following categories: monkeys, other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and birds. These monkeys form lifelong pairs and will mate at any time of the year. Peccaries live in herds in desert areas or canyons where there are vegetation and water nearby. But, what sets this monkey apart from other spider monkeys is a white front side and a triangular patch of fur on its forehead. Its face is paler in color with naked skin outlining the eyes. Also known as the painted leopard, this small wildcat sports a velvety, yellow coat that is intricately patterned with black stripes, spots and rosettes. Poison dart frogs have a cute courtship ritual where the male sings to attract the female. Their venom kills most small animals and insects and can cause severe pain and sickness to a human. Red Titi Monkeys, No primate does jungle romance better than the titi monkey. Closely related to guinea pigs and chinchillas, the capybara is the world’s largest rodent. It swims in family groups of 4 to 10 members and makes its nest on the banks of slow-moving rivers where the younger otters are safer.

Customer Reviews They must feed at least every two days or they will die. They forage in the canopy foliage for nectar, tree sap and insect larvae which they carry back to the colony. It does have a shape and snout like a pig, but there is no actual relation.

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