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1 lượt xem 25/10/2020

Will use neighbor again when I need storage. Owners of the property were friendly and accommodating. We appreciate the feedback you have provided regarding host education and communication. I'm sorry for any confusion and frustration this experience has caused. Service 1 This doesn’t influence our evaluations or reviews. Unresponsive and not at all concerned about keeping their word. Because of this, the renter is responsible for cancelling the reservation after moving out of the space. I had an amazing experience with my host but It sucked that i only wanted the storage for one month. All the while, the game itself offers zero insight into what a given item can or cannot be used for, with many items' functions flying in the face of basic reason. got duped big time. For that, Neighbor has a rent estimator to help you find the best price. It is the best and everyone we have met so far are excellent. Later, I was two rooms away from him, having snuck into an open window, and somehow, he went on high alert and found me. It's lovely to not have to rely on commercial storage options. By the last contact, he indicated he needed that money and would try to pay it back in a week. And if you need a storage unit, reach them out directly, so you don’t have the same headache I had! Don't fall for it. Conceptually, it's a promising twist on the usual neck-snapping military shenanigans of the average stealth game. On the other hand, the storage unit said that they never got the money. What is he hiding down there? However, no matter how softly you sneak around, no matter how carefully you evade, the neighbor's ability to hear, see, and find you seems to be wholly unaffected by anything you do. just hope and pray that they don't rip u off like the ones that did to me. Took our money/no this legal??? do not expect the grateful site owner to help in this matter even though his/her employees have misrepresented THEIR onsite host to have caused me to trust the storage owner and then ended up giving him $140. It is now our first go to place to find short term storage. Hello Neighbor limps into a second act, involving you as a full-grown adult moving back into your childhood home, while hinting at surprising revelations. We needed a short term storage place for our RV and through neighbor we found the perfect spot at a very reasonable rate. There's no catharsis, insight, or revelations waiting at the end of the ordeal, just a sort of uneasy malaise over what the images and environments near the end are meant to represent. The aesthetics are also a bit unusual, with a sort of warped 1950s retro design to everything that truly stands out. I wouldn’t recommend any of these business. Neither neighbor and the storage unit were able to solve my problem and refund my money. Eventually, with saint-like patience and persistence, you can grab the key to get to the basement. They then charge you for the space even after you finally see it and decide it doesn’t fit your needs. A great way to save money during these troubling times. Payment is autopaid to my bank account, so I don't have to worry about collecting rent, and Neighbor carries the insurance on the space. I hope to help clarify the issue, as we want all of our users to feel confident using our services. by the time i got there, my vehicle remained in the same spot unmoved with a bunch of other vehicles blocking it, gate locked, bull dog running loose on the lot. renters beware....irresponsible and ungrateful. refused to take any responsibility at all for this. I'm sorry for the frustration this situation has caused you! Meanwhile, for some reason, something as useful as a simple wrench is lying in the neighbor's fridge, where you would never think to look.

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