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I always think when you’re first collecting material to give you the authority to pretend, when it’s a real character, you have a wealth of things to learn, to give you a shift of understanding, a shift of knowledge. I think about the people involved, and how it came to be, and what my interest is. Well I think it’s good that your experiences are so individual that they can’t be generalized.

The film itself was completed in 2015, though is finally engaging in a limited theatrical release starting on January 17. © 2002-2020 Filmaffinity - Movieaffinity | Filmaffinity is a movie recommendation site based on the concept of Movie Soulmates. At its core, this is a very simple story. Although, it does not mitigate the few flaws that sometimes do affect this viewing. A one-stop shop for all things video games. What isn’t clear, sometimes, is what’s invented. Also, the director is king in those films and I’m attracted to strong directors. Willem Dafoe: I think it’s hard to generalize, of course, but in independent film, there’s a greater possibility of collaboration and there’s a greater possibility of personal films. And for me, I like collaboration.

List Price 12.99 . As a movie from an Argentine-Brazilian writer/director, this is an English tale that sometimes seems a bit hampered by this fact. While there are some negatives to be found with the dialogue, the character-first approach that we find here is what makes this such a beautifully emotional tale. The dialogue sometimes seems unnatural and there are a few moments that will leave you wondering if Portuguese would have been a safer avenue.

I knew Hector and I knew his work very well. The feature follows Diego, an acclaimed director that falls seriously ill and must assess his entire existence as he rediscovers what it means to be alive.

When you’re around him, you always felt a sense of adventure and a sense of wonder. I’m sure that would make your work very boring. Even stories have to have a point, but I think the real richness sometimes is experiencing things where we don’t know what the point is.

Chances are he won't survive, but if … With the release of this film, Hector Babenco sadly died soon after. Displaying all this and more, Hector Babenco’s last movie, My Hindu Friend, is a film that tackles mortality, fear and most importantly, the journey of learning to once again enjoy life. Willem Dafoe portrays this deeply interesting individual with a supporting cast that includes Maria Fernanda Cândido, Selton Mello, Guilherme Weber and Rio Adlakha. We have very different backgrounds: he’s Argentinian and has been living in Brazil for many years; he’s a very big guy; he’s older than I am; he’s Jewish; many things that I am not. Many audience members will pity him in one moment and question his actions in the next. Mauro Pinheiro Jr. uses every shadow and ray of light to impeccably fill every frame with layered storytelling intention.
The title card is written and signed by Hector and says something like, “this happened to me, and I wanted to tell it the best way I know how.”. If this film is truly based on events that happened in the life of the Director, Hector Babenco then it is certainly a unique experience worthy of being made into a film as well told as this.

Currently, he is working to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Towson University. I just don’t have the overview, because when I’m working on something, that’s what I’m concentrating on and everything else fades away. So, I’m very used to that personal approach to making things – not always autobiographical, but always dealing with our concerns and what is around us. My Hindu Friend is a film directed by Héctor Babenco with Willem Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Selton Mello .... Year: 2015.

Taking a road that is initially filled with despair and depression, the end product is one that presents a lesson in what it means to find rejuvenated happiness.

Note To Viewer.

But I think studio films tend to have bigger budgets; and with bigger budgets, you have more responsibility to know exactly what the film’s appeal is going to be, and you’re very conscious of that in the creative process. Maybe it’s because he had a death scare with being sick, but even before he was sick, he had this joie de vivre. Willem Dafoe: You don’t know that! What sort of things were fictional? There are elements of the film that happened in his life; I am performing with his life, and I am performing in his house, so there are very tangible elements that are from his life. But everything’s fiction, you know? Even with that self-awareness, what about independent filmmaking makes you keep coming back to them? Screen Rant recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dafoe about the intimate nature of the film, as well as the contrasting experiences of working on big-budget and small-budget productions.

I’m not being falsely humble, I’m kind of complaining about an innocence that I have that I shouldn’t have.

So it becomes a process, and I felt flattered that he entrusted this role to me because it was obviously something that was very important to him.
Willem Dafoe: Of course, I knew Hector. The following information has been provided by the distributor. When you don’t have a wealthy amount of material like that, I’d say it’s a little more difficult. Willem Dafoe: The thing that I always say is, you got to remember, we’re not doing the Jesus for all time.

You’ve played Van Gogh, and even Jesus, but you obviously didn’t have Jesus there to help you sort through the character. Because you’ve acknowledged in interviews in the past that based on where you are in your career, you shouldn’t be in small films like this. So some of it gets expressed through movies, and those movies are fiction. All this would not be possible without the powerhouse performance from Willem Dafoe.

Willem Dafoe is one of the most versatile performers working today.

The feature follows Diego, an acclaimed director that falls seriously ill and must assess his entire existence as he rediscovers what it means to be alive. My Hindu Friend, the final project of late filmmaker Hector Babenco, is an autobiographical tale, embarking on a director's (Dafoe) journey through chemotherapy and his attempts to get his scorched life back on track. I loved his work but personally, he could be quite rash, and sometimes even off-putting to people.

Please send us a. What is the difference between working on a character based on a person, like Diego, versus a fictional one who is rather placed in a historical setting – like Vietnam in Platoon, or the segregated South in Mississippi Burning? I’ve tried to know what the difference is, but I don’t. More: Parasite Interview: Editor Jinmo Yang Interview, Luke Parker is an award-winning film critic and columnist based in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.

It’s really about serving him. It is well made in most aspects and must be congratulated for this. Rape survivor Rosie (last name withheld) shares her experience in the hope of empowering others to speak up. I really don’t. Now that’s not to say that you can’t have those experiences in a studio film. This is a picture that is structured incredibly well and is presented in a way that highlights the many creative talents of Hector Babenco.

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