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And why wouldn’t you? It promotes all kinds of initiatives aiming to include the black people in society, educate and empower them about their rights and make the daily injustices that they go through visible. "I had no idea that the mask had any underlying inferences -- I simply thought it looked good. DNTixList #BeKind Brook is the Senior Editor of Dodgers Nation, with several years of experience in sports journalism. #BLM. Apologizes For Wearing Blue Lives Matter Mask, Proud Boys, Cops, Anti-Fascists Clash in Manhattan, Cop Drags Handcuffed Black Teen Over Concrete, Brad Pitt Campaign Ad Runs During World Series, ©2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. We have deleted the ignorant perspectives left in this comment section. The Reds in turn agreed not to play, which means the Brewers would not be forced to forfeit., — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) July 16, 2020. The Dodgers released a powerful video today to speak out against racial and social injustices in the United States. ", "The Minnesota Twins send our deepest sympathies to the Floyd family, and join our Twin Cities community in mourning. The upheavals began when the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks refused to play a playoff game against the Orlando Magic. It’s a shocking and sad how many of our fans have fallen for the fear mongering conspiracies, like CeyHey said, it’s completely untrue. Matt Kemp also released the following statement before his Rockies teammates took the field against the Diamondbacks: Tonight I stand with my fellow professional athletes in protest of the injustices my people continue to suffer. “For centuries, the Black community has lived in a different America. still not into politics" Max wrote. Or because they embrace conservative values. Of course, delete the Truth and support Marxism, segregation and destroy the 1st amendment by silencing the opposition. By Jordan Bastian @MLBastian July 23, 2020 CHICAGO -- The Cubs plan to make a statement as a team on Opening Day on Friday, doing their part to keep the conversation about racial injustice going. But they’re just talking and they can go to sleep thinking they made an impact. Instead of addressing racism, inequality, and injustice, many of us simply look away,” said Kershaw. #DodgersNation #dodgers #losangeles #lafans #doyers #baseball #mlb #besbol #fans #lableedsblue #thinkblue #ChavezRavine #HollywoodLifestyle #ItsAnLAThing #ITFDB #LATogether #BelieveInLA ... Read The Following By Jordan Bastian @MLBastian July 23, 2020 CHICAGO -- The Cubs plan to make a statement as a team on Opening Day on Friday, doing their part to keep the conversation about racial injustice going. Many of you refuse to acknowledge the fact that our nation was founded on the premise of white supremacy. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. So you believe that Majic Johnson, part owner of the Dodgers, and Dave Roberts, manager of the Dodgers, look at their players in black and white?

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