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madame antoine ending

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Yoo Rim tries to get Ji Ho’s attention by fawning over poor co-worker, but Ji Ho tries to get Hye Rim’s attention instead. Two Hungry Canadians Who Watch Korean Dramas. She blames him for provoking her in the very scenarios that she concocted and brought about. Soo Hyun insists that he’ll manage the repercussions anyway, and calmly tells her that the experiment will not harm her in anyway, so she should trust him. She pressures him by questioning his commitment to her, after he fails to serenade her over the phone past 3am, was tardy in replying to her text, and did not lick the plate of cookies she baked. Soo Hyun eventually does comes out, but only to reject Ji Soo, which thrills Hye Rim.

Soo Hyun cannot say for sure whether the Chairman did kill three of his family members, but the stress of their deaths caused Yeon Woo to enter a disassociative fugue. All content and images property of KdramaFighting unless otherwise noted. Little does she know, Soo Hyun knows that she is the puppet master after directing Ji Ho to check for him. When he refuses, she asks for at least the contract she signed. However, Yoo Rim sees Ji Ho’s actions as a desire for what is no longer freely available to him, which Ji Ho does not deny. He whacks Seung Chan’s scooter and gets the latter to report him to the police. She directs Ji Soo to send a text from outside the building asking Soo Hyun to come out. Hye Rim asks her sister, Yoo Rim (Hwang Seung Eon) if she has a refined and pretty friend who she can enlist to test Soo Hyun’s fidelity. I Have A Lover Episode 49-59 (The End) Recap.

He sends her back, thanking her for the fun he had today.

The Chairman appears to be aware of Yeon Woo’s illness, but has not sought treatment. But our heroine’s more concerned about Soo Hyun, who sits outside the cafe, not joining in the fun. They have not found the owner of the car Sung Oh jumped on last night, so she has to be in custody for at least a day first.

©KdramaFighting, 2013. The cast members are easy to grow attach to Ahem besides maybe Won Ji Ho and the first obnoxious patient. When she learns that writing a diary is one of the activities in phase two, Hye Rim angrily demands that Ji Ho list all the phase two activities.

Soo Hyun cannot simply treat Yeon Woo so he directs an anxious Hye Rim to convince the Chairman. Hye Rim shows Pilot Lady the video, although Pilot Lady misunderstands her as a part of Madame Antoine (the clinic). Hye Rim learns from Ji Soo that Soo Hyun continues to stay professional in his interactions with her, and Hye Rim pretends to be disappointed. I like that this actress had that rough edge she can bring to characters. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. What Hye Rim wants is a guaranteed ego boost from being chosen by Soo Hyun over someone better than her. Hye Rim watches Ji Soo meet with Soo Hyun on a monitor. I was amazed at how loathesome Hye Rim has become, even in comparison to Soo Hyun who conducts experiments that play with people’s emotions. SEE. It’s a disaster inside the cafe though, as Yoo Rim fails to confess faux-drunkenly confess her affection to Ji Ho. Is that bad, huh?. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. They lie parallel for some time, taking in each other, before Hye Rim admits that she’s unable to fall sleep. ( Log Out /  Soo Hyun announces that he is ceasing his experiment, and stays firm in his decision despite the pressure to provide results to the Chairman, as an investor in the study. LOL, its the same song that she tries to learn from piano teech, but teacher outrightly tells her that she can’t possibly play a level 30 piano song now, offering to teach her the scales instead. A whole night for this?! Mi Hee spots him outside, and approaches him, offering her company. Booyah to those who think you’re too kool for baby talk. HAHA. Hye Rim (it is noteworthy that for now, she’s saved as Test Subject in his phone) tets him to meet after work – she needs to clarify something.

Ji Ho quickly tells Soo Hyun about Mi Ran’s attraction for Seung Chan, but thinking of Mi Ran’s cancer, Soo Hyun is approving of her passion and tells him to keep it a secret. He cannot help but draw the blinds again, although they are already gone. Ji Ho does his part in typical fashion by plainly stating that Mi Ran and Seung Chan look good together. She is known as “Madame Antoine” and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that part is a lie. She’s worried about Seung Chan’s scooter, but we can all tell that she’s even more touched that Soo Hyun went to this extent to see her. Granted, we’ve seen her be insecure before, when she responded to his confession by listing her shortcomings, but it’s obvious she’s not a clinging clutching person (look at how she released her daughter). She obviously gives the drone to Ji Ho, and he flies it with glee, while she gets a chance to sneak in some skinship with him. He tries to stop her, but she spots him acting and calls him out for it. Well, we all know how he reacts to them, but this time she asks for real, and he admits that its a memory trigger of his biological mother at the amusement park. Talking about diffusing situations. However, when Yoo Rim offers up candidates, Hye Rim either says they are not up to standard, or too tempting for him. So Pilot Lady begins to spill the beans, and the more she describes her experiment, the more Hye Rim sees the link between the two. Soo Hyun receives a lawyer’s letter from the pilot study’s test subject, ordering him to pay damages for her emotional trauma. She gently approaches him, and he looks up. Gramps tells her that Soo Hyun specialises in women psychology. Hye Rim also worries about his interview, and when he calls her, she hurriedly meets him at the porch. He is stressed by work, and does not have time to exercise. Boy genius, huh. Later, the woman requests a reading from Hye Rim, but what she really wants to learn is more about Soo Hyun. Two blonde American girls by day, Korean drama addicts by night--think of us as your new kdrama advice-giving best friends. He has already developed real feelings for Hye Rim, so regardless of the experiment, he will pursue Hye Rim anyway. Mi Ran feels bad and puzzled by Soo Hyun’s financial contribution, then taken aback when Hye Rim cheers her on after she and Seung Chan return from their meal. I know she can come across harsh. I’m afraid that for the show to straddle the fence and be so on-off about the experiment, the moment of revelation may no longer retain the same level of hype and excitement. 0 Response to "New K-drama Alert: One More Happy Ending, Madame Antoine, and Signal" Posting Komentar. He rejects to spend some time together though, and as she leaves, a drop of wine falls on his hand. We begin from last week’s end, at the charged moment between Soo Hyun and Hye Rim. Ji Ho spots her and intervenes, restricting her contact with Hye Rim. Hye Rim leaves, unconvinced, and Soo Hyun takes to penning his report.

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