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I'm not sure what I should actually upload for my Daphne upload. I thought that with the way the new daphne was set up, if you had the DVD you could download a version of daphne that would use their rom with the images from your DVD?

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Singe was an extension to the Daphne emulator, which emulated laserdisc arcade games such as Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (which will be my next upload). Them Who Shot Johnny Rock? This should be HVG's remastered version... Uploaded by r0n1n, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Dragon's Lair arcade version Francaise 1.0 pour Daphne by R0n1n, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Dragon's Lair deep learning remaster by sirdrak. [-] If you want to use the Act Labs Lightgun then you need to buy the CD-Rom version as this one works with the gun. These videos are what are downloaded from the Daphne emulator. some scripts in the above downloads have the incorrect are the fixed files. note: For Dragon's Lair 1 & 2, Space Ace and SDQ, there's a good chance that people will have to rename the framefile, since there's several name. The download above already has the plugin added. | 2 points The plugin has all of the games ran from one folder. This is my entire collection. - Les fichiers ogg ne sont pas tous en français. I never knew of anyone who had one or bad played it other than us. I also put the info to how start Thayer's Quest and some info for Goal to Go before you launch it. One was Ukrainian, and the other was from Kazakhstan. Awesome job maabus, thank you so much for these files, absolutely wicked:). 2 requires news links. If it's not the same, rename it & save. note: For Star Blazers, Platoon & Freedom Fighter (remake by famawizard), if you keep all the files at the same place, you need to change the path of the framefile in the bat file. The 2 bat files are named ITA and ENG, based on which you launch you will have the English or Italian language. I have TITAN AE the movie, with a far better quality, i added infos on his topic. Fan made games might use different folders than the regular games. These games also have Sega CD ports, and for some insane reason Time Gal got a Amiga CD32 port released in March of. Also included is "Mad Dog 2: Typing Edition", which is a conversion of Mad Dog 2 to a typing game a la Typing of the Dead.

Here is the full Daphne and Daphne Singe set. Should i remove his topics from this list?

Mad Dog McCree and Who Shot Johnny Rock? [-] These are the videos that Daphne provided. Latest version of Daphne. Powered by Invision Community. McDog 1/2 requires news links.

I imagine that this is also the case for you.
On 11/16/2019 at 7:23 AM, ViRuS-MaN said: [Arcade PC] Daphne / Singe set (Laser Disc), !PMoJRiM3NvVrxTXtK8aJRcJTW5tI5mX2Cl_N8mJJbgQ, I do not have any other games. New bat files! alguem entre voces possui o atari cops ,o mame infelismente não emula.

tl;dr: A lot of shit is messed up in my Daphne collection, don't expect an upload soon. If Daphne or Singe keep crashing try removing the -opengl tag from your your bat file.

Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. I'll change it to the full game when he provides it. I have one more set being created, and then the Daphne/Singe set will be complete.

xxOToTOxx was able to provide it for us.

Maybe it should be great if Kaaris can re-release his Dahpne Fangame. Bienvenue à vous, Connexion avec identifiant, mot de passe et durée de la session. Titan ae must be added to the listing of your post 1.,,,, It DEFINITELY won't be my next upload, since I've been working quite hard on an upload that I think a lot of people here will really like. Here are the DL games. Fan game based on the movie Titan A.E created by Karis. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Daphne Singe American Laser games roms set. | 1 points It was originally released as an arcade game with a sort of "Holographic" display. New & Used (5) from $14.99 + FREE Shipping. B of the RAM/ROM board with … Tentes le coups d'une video au pif nommée "z_levelselect.mv2" pour voir si tu arrives passer le select stage. Gallager's Gallery still cannot be played with Daphne/SINGE, however it works well with winUAE. I got the chd from Pleasuredome, but i'll upload my chd for you. No, Mad Dog does not run on Daphne. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy! I dont think so. Let me know if you need help installing anything or find any bad links. Daphne: F9 to enter the configuration menu and choose your settings.

Here is the Daphne EMU with the 3 popular laser disc games all setup for you. Do I upload the .iso f/video_ts folders used to get DaphneLoader to decrypt the Digital Leisure games (without Space Ace, because I haven't been able to find a working Space Ace DVD iso anywhere)?

if you want to play with a light gun or dolphin bar you have to run in window mode. Also included is "Mad Dog 2: Typing Edition", which is a conversion of Mad Dog 2 to a typing game a la Typing of the Dead. The game is based on the animated series of Daitarn 3 and Haran Banjo.Italian language only. Not sure what would need to be done to get the video files to work without it.

If you run full screen your cursor will be all over the screen. Attached, link for Daphne Loader modified to run Goal to Go. Hey maabus, emuline won't let me download the batch file. I have each game in it's own folder and adjusted the .singe files to point to these folders. Space Pirates was missing a video file. Extract to the root directory of Daphne Singe emulator. #15 Jun 24, 2009. It supposedly works in Mame. En cherchant un peu, on peut trouver sur la toile un patch en français de France destiné à l'adaptation CD-ROM. Téléchargez une version vidéo corrigée, par exemple, None of them have aged particularly well, but I still think they are worth preserving.

- Les fichiers m2v sont entrelacés.

BluefyreAccords Unfortunately, the Singe website went down some time ago, making it rather difficult to acquire. Les liens étant encore bon après 2 ans :p, J'ai le full pack de Daphne Singe de 15 Go. Member. If you need help editing scripts and bat files please let me know. maabus, October 9, 2019 in ARCADE PC DUMP LOADER. (Find them on this forum thread. The videos were downloaded directly from the Daphne emulator when they used to provide them. IIII55 shared this fix on how to play singe light gun games in full screen. DaphneLoader gets the game files via torrents, which I imagine that many of the downloaders around here would rather not use for various reasons. | 1 points This is my entire set... i do not have any other games. (Q) The game was fully developed by Digital Leisure in 2007 but was not released, as Toshiba abandoned the HD DVD format.

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