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—J.V. Don’t be a bad movie hipster; embrace the original Sharknado. love this movie. 1. B-movie geeks and bad movie fans are not kind to the original Sharknado, and I don’t think that’s entirely fair. To get that kind of long-lasting cultural impact in the shape of a B movie is a great boon. There’s the blinding speed of The Centipede, the trickery and guile of The Snake, the stinging kicks of The Scorpion, the wall-climbing and gravity-defying acrobatics of The Lizard and the nigh-invincibility of The Toad, along with the so-called “hybrid venom” protagonist, who is a novice in all of the styles. Year: 1978 Director: Chang Cheh You can’t go wrong. Obistrike is using Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists with friends. © Letterboxd Limited. Or Japanese weapons such as the sai against Chinese butterfly swords. Very pleasant. – J.V. And finally, the supremely goofy Earth ninjas are somehow able to tunnel through solid soil like freaking earthworms and explode out of the ground with an almighty bang. I was very impressed by the choreography and actors performing. The opener, “Valentine’s Day” by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, is particularly well shot and immediately engrossing in its visuals and casting—these guys went out of their way to find interesting faces to bring their tale of high school violence and obsession to the next level. This was Cheh’s swan song with the Shaw Brothers, as tastes were changing and leaving the costumed period pieces behind—but man, it’s a doozy. I was shocked when I saw this on there. Year: 1974 Director: Chang Cheh Let’s get to it. More than anything, you feel a very genuine love for the utter ridiculousness of the premise. This is the essence of Saturday morning kung fu theater in America, but if you only saw it that way, it’s doing the film a disservice, because you’re likely to miss out on the surprising and sometimes comical gore of the fight scenes. Year: 1958 Director: Kurt Neumann Is it on the cheesy side? It’s the rare film where those training sequences actually outshine the traditional fights, because they’re just so beautiful, fluid and inventive. Durée : (86 Minutes). Drawing heavy inspiration from Double Dragon and Streets of Rage-style beat-em-up arcade games, every second of Kung Fury is alive with color, humor and outrageous violence. Starting with a fan film trailer, the project raised $630,000 on Kickstarter en route to producing a 30-minute final product that is sure to rock the world of any lover of over-the-top ’80s action. The mythology alone is exquisite: Five Deadly Venoms is the first Venom Mob film, and gave each of them a name for the rest of their careers. Now dragged down by an increasingly forced run of sequels, all of which I’ve reviewed for Paste because I’m a crazy person, it’s easy to lose sight of how slapdash (and thus amusing) the first film was. Year: 2015 Director: François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell Turbo Kid is a joyous experience, the kind of insane indie wish-fulfillment that I can only imagine inspires other indie filmmakers to say “Well if that guy can pull off this movie, then I need to make a movie of my own.” Many of the same compliments we paid to Kung Fury also apply to Turbo Kid, but this is a true feature, and it’s not quite as tongue in cheek. Personally, I don’t find many of these direct-to-VOD B movies quite as compelling as the theatrically released B movies of yore, so this list tends to skew a bit older. The same crew from Five Venoms, dapper up and generally try to trick and kick each other to death with the fight between Silver Spear and Little Axe the highlight! Please try not to just list the names of movies as your entire post; elaborate with your thoughts on the movie(s).

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