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joe rogan questions everything chemtrails

1 lượt xem 25/10/2020

Have not heard of this yet but definitely gonna throw it on record. Seems like a distraction move to me.

Rogan sold out to the illuminati. Episode 31, PCR Testing. No credit card required.

No doubt, Watching it now as well. Corronavirus, I dissect Tony Blares Lies and his New word Order Plan.

There was a great moment when one of the chemtrail supporters also mentioned his belief in “Nibiru,” ( a supposedly rogue, planet-sized body hiding somewhere in our own solar system, piloted by aliens. - @GEORGE Jan 10th, 2020 At least in flashes, the show gave me something I never would have expected — genuine scientific skepticism. Hes working with the globalists …

Have you seen the video where he calls out Carlos Mencia for stealing other comic’s jokes and using them as his own? What do you think, sirs? Unheard of, I know!

“HAARP,” ( but I got the sense this was only a function of the lack of truly accessible public information on this topic.

Anyone watch it? You have permission to edit this article. To me, though, the mere idea of a television show that brings up a conspiracy theory without espousing instantaneous belief in it is plenty of progress. This interest is clear in his ongoing podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” ( I haven’t listened to a ton of these, but I know enough to be aware that he’s often used this space to discuss his interest in various supernatural or pseudo-scientific topics, the key word being “interest.” Rogan may want to believe, but he’s not a believer by nature. Sure, the show still has completely fabricated segments, like the painfully reconstructed “Skype call” that Rogan engages in with a scraggly mountain man at the end of the episode, but it’s better than pretty much all of the alternatives.

All spelling and grammar errors are left as written: “I was really wanting to see this show and wad excited to see someone actually trying to get some answers. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items.

This clip is from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #385 with Duane Ludwig & TJ Dillashaw, What you didn't know about Hugh Hefner and Alfred Kinsey, Part 2 - Joe Biden's Corruption Exposed on OAN's The Biden Bribe Tapes Part 2, Bert Jansch - A little bit of bread and no cheese, Joe Biden's Corruption Exposed on OAN's The Biden Bribe Tapes Part 1, Gold Breaks All-Time High, Silver Skyrocketing and Slaves in USSA Ordered to Mask Up. I got invited to talk to Dane on some web-radio thing. He notably remained undecided on the potential “weather-altering” effects of the High Frequency Active Aural Research Program, aka. At 32:12 Agnew says, whilst pointing to the Lifestream box in the cloud chamber, "What we are using today is about 2Kw, about 1/1000 the power of a normal HAARP antenna." Borris, Mullis and the dancing queen, REPORT- Diary Of Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years Of Sexual Molestation, REPORT: Diary Of Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years Of Sexual Molestation, Saturday UFO vid analysis and UFO topics UFO Proof Lies!! ] Many claim to be hurt and/or betrayed that Rogan would dare investigate their pet project without coming to the same nutty conclusions as themselves.

Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Please subscribe to keep reading. Masks and the Grand Masquerade.

He found people to justify his beliefs. Dude's opinionated, has intelect, and don't give a fu**.

I’ll leave you with a few of those detractors. You can cancel at any time.

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