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is dolores umbridge a death eater

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It is pretty obvious it happened. One year prior to her incarceration in Azkaban, Umbridge's cruel prejudice extended to Muggle-borns, due to her conformity of the ideology of blood purity.

Umbridge was horrified when Dumbledore replaced Trelawney with a centaur named Firenze; however, she was unable to do anything about it, as the Ministry's rules only allowed her to appoint a new teacher if Dumbledore could not find one himself.

Umbridge was as ruthless in maintaining her power as she was in seeking it. Harry found himself hating Umbridge the moment he set his eyes on her, from her fluffy pink cardigan to her high-pitched girlish voice. Despite this, she understood that Umbridge had a lot of power and that she was reporting directly to Cornelius Fudge, and so Minerva once warned Harry Potter to tread carefully around Umbridge. However, as Sirius points out, "the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters". She placed a blind faith in authority, believing that it could not possibly be wrong and this went hand-in-hand with her self-serving nature[7]; she liked power a lot, naturally siding with those who would give her the most authority (as is clearly seen when she was loyal to Fudge over Dumbledore, rather than accepting the truth). Crouch also considered extreme measures justified, but the difference is that he actually was on the side of good. He often was outspoken in class and suffered for his inability to control his temper; he would serve detention several times with her during that year if which he would be forced to write lines with his own blood using a special quill, magically scarring Harry's hand. Dolores Umbridge sacking Professor Trelawney and attempting to send her away from Hogwarts Castle. She was later seen at Albus Dumbledore's funeral at Hogwarts, though she did not speak, and fled at the sight of Firenze.[3]. There is a pretty sharp contrast in the mental state of the Dolores Umbridge who gave her speech on the first day of term and the Dolores Umbridge who tried to hex a herd of centaurs. In particular, Umbridge was horrible to half-giant Rubeus Hagrid, treating him like a dimwitted and violent troll, and ultimately tried to attack him under the cover of darkness. She had a wide, toad-like smile and would after say cruel things in a sugary, sweet voice. The teachers, who disliked Umbridge intensely, did as little to help her in her duties as possible, many going out of their way to make things difficult for her by requesting her assistance in removing various charms and pranks by claiming that they weren't sure they had the 'authority' to do so. Her crimes against Muggle-borns led to her life imprisonment in Azkaban following the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Umbridge seemed to be on friendly terms with Lucius Malfoy, a known Death Eater who had close connections with the Ministry. At first it's her fanatical self-righteousness that makes everyone's blood boil but she was never loyal to Fudge because she gladly spearheaded the Muggle registration that was either a brainchild of Voldemort or his Death Eaters and the complete opposite of Fudge's idea (whatever else he might have been, he wasn't evil) of the kind of laws that needed to be enforced, therefore she wasn't really self-righteous in the first place. They would not need Patronuses. She was especially insulting to Hagrid, whom she knew to be a "half-breed," and was blatantly condescending and rude to him during her inspection of his class. During her year as a professor at Hogwarts, she acted as disciplinarian, insisting the students to greet her loudly and clearly at the beginning of every class, as well as answer her questions in the same manner. For instance, when Harry contradicted the Ministry of Magic's official position that Lord Voldemort was dead, Umbridge punished him with torture.

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