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how to get disney plus uk

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Disney+ joins other apps, including competitors Netflix and iPlayer, on Sky Q. Read on to discover even more reasons to love Disney+. Get the full Disney+ experience, plus your favorite TV episodes from Hulu (ad-supported), and exclusive shows and events from ESPN+. Blasting the Marvel universe into space for an adventure with a truly ragtag group of heroes, including both a talking racoon and a sentient tree-creature, Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably the biggest risk the franchise ever took.

Edward Norton’s version of the smashing Hulk often gets forgotten by Marvel fans – and for good reason. It’s a film that’s hard to place within the MCU canon, simply because the majority of its emotional pay-offs only work due to the groundwork laid by over a decade of filmmaking. It’s a dull affair: Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith is (by far) Marvel’s worst villain, being a pile of prosthetics with zero personality, while Chris Hemsworth’s Thor completes one of the most unrealistic London Tube journeys in all of cinematic history. 10.

The fan service at work may, at times, feel a little outrageous in just how bold it feels, but Endgame earns the right to indulge. It’s a blockbuster that feels large on all fronts, delivering thrills not only in the “Battle of New York” finale, but in the creation of a team of characters that feel perfectly balanced and complementary.

3. The first Iron Man, though, had a self-contained story that only hinted at a bigger world – a world that would eventually become a multi-billion-dollar franchise.

The Russo brothers faced the monumental task of making each crossover – from the Guardians of the Galaxy to the kingdom of Wakanda – work in a way that feels natural, while also ushering the MCU’s biggest villain, Thanos, into centre stage. And download any series or movie to keep you company when you travel or commute.

Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. In the strife between Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa, the ruler of Wakanda, and Michael B Jordan’s Killmonger, he provided a nuanced, layered commentary on colonialism and black identity. 17. Read on to discover even more reasons to love Disney+. 23. Along with including some great comic performances (Jacob Batalon as Ned stands out), Michael Keaton’s Vulture makes for a terrifying villain, and the twist is superbly done.

We may earn commission from some of the links in this article, but we never allow this to influence our content. 8. Yet, it arguably took until Thor: Ragnarok for Chris Hemsworth’s hero to develop much sense of character beyond the initial “fish out of water” trope. We also have a quick guide to watching shows and movies offline on Disney Plus.

It also transformed Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt into the major box office draw he is today. 2.

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Despite Captain America: Civil War (AKA Avengers 2.5) featuring Iron Man, Black Widow, and Ant-Man (as well as introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man), the film remains first and foremost about Captain America. It’s the question that was hanging over the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since the release of Avengers: Endgame was sold to us as the ultimate, cumulative chapter in a series of 22 interconnected films. While divisive among Marvel fans, Shane Black’s superhero outing – with the writer/director’s sharp, stinging dialogue – brings Tony Stark's story arc to an end (or what should have been its end) with humour and heart aplenty. Where it all started. Signing up for a Disney Plus account is pretty easy, and works universally across most devices and platforms (with the exception of Sky Q customers, more information on that below).

And it paid off in spectacular fashion, with director James Gunn giving the superhero genre a light coat of B-movie glee. Disney Plus UK is here - find out how you can watch at home, watching shows and movies offline on Disney Plus, discounts are currently available for Disney Plus, How to get Disney Plus on Sky Q and Now TV, How to watch Disney Plus on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablets, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier release date, rumours & trailers, How to watch Disney+ together with friends, Create an account using an email address and password, Choose either a monthly or annual subscription, Download the Disney Plus app on your chosen device (connected to WiFi) and sign in. However, given The Russo Brothers root the rest of the movie in realism, the bombastic CGI-heavy ending is a little ridiculous.

With Liv Tyler phoning in her performance as love interest, Betty Ross, the film falls emotionally flat and serves only as a by-the-numbers origins story. Brie Larson gives a superpowered performance as Carol Danvers, the actor playing a hero that's both relatable and aspirational, strong but vulnerable. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines.

© Disney © Disney•Pixar © & ™ Lucasfilm LTD © Marvel. By

Send the gift card in question to your email address and wait for it to arrive. While Captain Marvel may not revolutionise the studio’s formula, the superhero's debut outing provides a platform to show off her Thanos-annihilating powers. Hannah Cowton, Staff Writer 14. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. That’s because Doctor Strange and Iron Man are basically the same story, except one uses magic and the other explosives.

While the first Ant Man was a mirror image of its star Paul Rudd, essentially delivering a studio comedy dressed in spandex, the second found a new trick up its sleeve in the form of Evangeline Lilly’s Hope van Dyne – a smart, capable female hero who didn’t simply exist to serve as a caretaker for the male characters. All Rights Reserved.

Ant-Man should not have worked as a film.

Director Joe Johnston stayed true to the film’s 1940s setting in a film that embraces that pulpiness of early comic book history, as Steve punches Nazis and romances military officer Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), although her character is thankfully never relegated to the role of damsel in distress.

Series and movies you’ll only find on Disney+. | 24 Mar 2020. 6. It feels comfortably like the end of a chapter, the beginning of a new one, an epilogue, and a palate cleanser all at once. 5. And that’s perhaps why the stuffed blockbuster works – were it not for a central focus, Civil War could have fallen into the trappings of other Marvel sequels in being too convoluted.

Ridiculous to think a movie about a man with ant powers should work – let alone be a blockbuster success and part of the biggest cinematic universe going. Bundle and save. © Copyright 2020 IDG Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

bringing you Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more, all in one place.

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If you’d like to know more about Disney Plus and the shows available, then take a look at our Disney+ guide. full list of Disney+ shows available at launch.

4. Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you.

Because of this, Disney has managed to broker some crucial deals with home viewing platforms meaning you can pretty much find Disney+ everywhere.

13. Fans of The Simpsons can also catch every single episode, seeing as Fox is the latest pawn in the Disney game.

First up, you can access Disney+ on your Samsung, Sony, Philips or LG Smart TV by searching for it and downloading the app, which you can then “add” to your home screen. Download your chosen VPN and pick a server; it’ll need to be US, Canada, or The Netherlands to access Disney Plus, as that’s where it’s currently available. 18.

Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? It also works perfectly well as a film about Spider-Man. 19.

For the second film, James Gunn decided to turn everything up to 11, cramming half a dozen interweaving storylines, leading to Chris Pratt’s gaunt Star Lord getting side-lined. Here's a full list of Disney+ shows available at launch. You can also check out what discounts are currently available for Disney Plus.

Iron Man 2 barely holds together.

Check out our ranked list of the best TV streaming services. Learn more. 1.

You can access Disney+ on a broad range of devices, so watch the way you want on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, consoles and more. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more.

Plus, you’ll be able to stream 4 different stories on 4 screens at once. The instructions above should cover you for most things, but if you'd like further specific instructions then we have a series of articles below to check out (which we will be continuously updating). The result is a film without any direction that serves as a Trojan horse set-up for the Avengers. Here's a full list of Disney+ shows available at launch. Marvel’s first crossover film was an unparalleled cinematic event – one that arguably changed Hollywood filmmaking forever, now that every major studio seems to be attempting the “shared universe” approach to franchises. If you're thinking of jumping on the Mouse House hype train, we've rounded up the key information to know for getting this streaming platform on your screen at home. The sequel did, however, introduce the now beloved line “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all”, shouted by Yondu as he gracefully falls from the sky. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Avengers: Endgame is less about individual storytelling and so much more about the collective experience of cinema itself. Sky has agreed a deal with Disney, which will allow the service to be offered to Sky customers in the UK and Ireland. What comes after the end? The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a risky Star Wars-inspired romp through space, following a bunch of a-holes who form an unlikely familiar bond. The Mate 40 Pro won’t sell in the UK or Europe with these issues. For brand new content, you can watch The Mandalorian - the new Star Wars spin-off show created by Jon Favreau. As Robert Downey Jr’s genius, billionaire philanthropist deals with PTSD and struggles with his robotic creations, we see an actor giving his all.


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