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Early in the day several of the pound keepers couldn’t account for the money received and one, when suspended, refused to hand over the books.

On William Purvis’s visit to Inverell he christened two children and married the parents.

When the first town lots of Glen Innes were sold, Captain Ditmas established his overseer, Samuel Regan, in a hotel on the corner of Grey and Meade Street, which was first known as the Beverley Arms, but when the telegraph came to Glen Innes, the name was changed to the Telegraph Hotel. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advice and restrictions are frequently changing. The first census was carried out in this district in 1841, only three years after the first white man set foot in the district. This pub was burnt down in 1857. Everything you could possibly need for an adventure in Glen Innes Highlands. Their first home was in what used to be the Temperance Hall in Church Street. In 1844 a Presbyterian, the Reverend William Purvis, rode up from Port Macquarie to marry Miss Boyd of Stonehenge to Andrew Wauchope, the first squatter on Moredun. Also, with the building of aerodromes and other projects necessary to the defence of Australia, the Government manpowered a number of civilians into these projects. Early blacksmiths made ploughs and harrows locally and, although their methods were somewhat primitive, they served the purpose. With more people seeking higher education, the facilities of the primary school couldn’t cope with the numbers. The Cobb and Co Mail Coach used to run from Glenn Innes to Grafton twice a week carrying supplies, mail and passengers between the coast and the tablelands. Council objected to this gross extravagance, which cost them £7 a year. There were two at first and then another two, but as the game increased in popularity they were closed down in the park and new courts constructed on the present site at the corner of West Avenue and Ferguson Street and these have been added to over the years. Consequently they had to carry their swags and to save their feet many of them “jumped the Rattler” (riding in railway trucks without paying their fare). As many people were destitute, Churches and other charitable organisations opened up “soup kitchens” where the needy could, at least, get some sustenance.

When the railway came to Glen Innes, it brought about changes to the hotels as commercial travellers travelled by train and stayed at the hotels.

The upsurge in pastoral development with the opening up of new country increased sheep numbers very dramatically and by the mid 1840s sheep numbers had reached such proportions that there was a slump in the wool market because the trade couldn’t handle the volume coming forward. In 1858 an estimate of 350 people was given for the town of Glen Innes. From time to time an army officer would come to visit POWs and if a man was unsatisfactory to the farmer they would replace him. Owing to the distances involved, the early squatters had, as far as possible, to be self-sufficient and as flour was the main ingredient for survival, they had to grow enough wheat for 12 months, which they thrashed and ground on the station. To relieve this, a number of the Italian POWs were sent to Australia. The old hospital building lay idle for some years until the Glen Innes Historical Society took it over in 1969 and opened a museum there in 1970.

The advent of radio to Glen Innes commencing in the 1920s, brought an on the spot news service which gradually improved over the years with commercial and relay stations in country districts.

Boarders came from a wide area of Northern NSW, and at least one pupil came from Central Queensland. As the pound was under the jurisdiction of Council, they were responsible for appointing the pound keepers. Get the latest information (here), Riverina Roadie: 7 must-see national parks in southwest NSW, Tis the season for: bushwalking in Barrington Tops, The Highlights of Gundagai’s Heritage Trail, Tomakin – paradise found on the Eurobodalla Coast, Batemans Bay: beach vibes and scenic drives, Ulladulla – six reasons to get back out there, Where to camp on the Murray River in South Australia, Millstream to Marble Bar: a north Pilbara adventure.

National Parks have put in a huge effort to provide facilities that would impress the pickiest campers.

For some years the Council had no permanent meeting place. The 1950s saw a dramatic change when there was a move to pasture improvement with the use of super phosphate.

Before there were many fences, stock could stray where they wished and horses with homing instincts, when ridden some distance from home, tended to make for home and often finished up in the pound. Prior to this Mather and Gilchrist had established a store on the road between Armidale and Drayton (the forerunner of Toowoomba).

In the early days of settlement, local squatters only had a yearly licence on their runs. As the small villages took shape, the station stores were phased out. Minerama is NSW’s biggest Fossicking and Gem show and is at the heart of the fossicking industry in the region.

After a few years it was amazing how some of these trees “moved” and there were arguments as to which way the water ran. The first bank in Glen Innes was the Bank of New South Wales and by the time the railway came through in 1884, the Commercial Bank of Sydney and the Australian Joint Stock Bank were established. Sweet and sour grass.

It was unusual for doctors to attend maternity cases and the babies were delivered by midwives. As so many of the early settlers were from Scotland it is not surprising that the first minister of religion to reside in the district was a Presbyterian. Under this Act a person could purchase a minimum of 40 acres or up to a maximum of 320 acres at £1 per acre. Mining tin was an uncertain occupation subject to heavy fluctuation in price and as water was needed for washing it was, at times, hampered by drought. During the war years, shows were abandoned but since the war they have gone from strength to strength and the showground with its beautiful trees is one of the town’s beauty spots. The drought eventually broke with very heavy rain which washed much of the stockpiled dirt away, and by the time the remainder could be washed and sold, the bottom had dropped out of the market.

It was known as K Company and the recruits were “foot sloggers”. As the road winds its way to the top of the range towards Glen Innes, vegetation changes with the cooling temperatures of the tablelands, and you’ll notice tree ferns, grass trees and tall white gums becoming more abundant.

There isn’t much info on these two random graves, but it’s nice to stop and pay respect to the pioneers who forged a life here. Some rode and it was not uncommon for three members of the one family to ride to school on the same horse. By the use of fertilizer and heavy stocking, this country has improved and is now capable of further cultivation.

Map of Gold Coast: CBD, City, Suburbs & Hinterland This map of the Gold Coast includes detailed mapping of the city (1:15,000) and suburbs (1:50,000), as well as a comprehensive overview of the surrounding Gold Coast Hinterland (1:100,000). After a few years at Ranger’s Valley, he had his own store at Dundee and when tin mining opened up, he was successful in tin dealing in conjunction with his store. Most of the early squatters relied on sheep rather than cattle as prices for cattle were low. Soon you’ll cross the low lying Buccarumbi Bridge. The last named was on the southern boundary of Captain Ditmas’s run, and in close proximity to the Furracabad head station. Collections: All Collections, Maps, Guides & Books, Category: atlas, Australian Maps, Gold Coast, HEMA, map, © 2020 Glen Innes Highlands Shop. Grass growing in timbered country is sour and unpalatable to stock, while the grass in the open country is sweet. When the first settlers came to the district, they could only bring the bare essentials with them and among the equipment there were axes. There are signs of them right throughout New England and although they have not yet reached plague proportions, their numbers are on the increase. With money to spend now the new Council was up and running but over the next few years they were to have staff problems.

On the home front, war was a world away but it was brought home to the people of Australia when the German ship Emden which was raiding the merchant shipping in the Indian Ocean, was sunk by the Sydney at Cocos Island.

Hansom cabs were in use round the town early in the century. Following the Boer War, a Light Horse Troop was formed in Glen Innes and the old K Company disbanded. Or do you turn right for the 120km journey back towards the coast, stumbling on another unique destination before hitting the coastal hustle and sea air? The local council was so short of money that 12 men of the road staff were stood down until money was available to pay them in 1932, and in 1934 five men were stood down for the same reason. Following the cessation of hostilities, there was a market for peas and carrots and these were marketed in Brisbane until Mr Reg Cahill opened a quick freeze factory in Glen Innes and the vegetables were processed locally. The oldest hotel standing is the Royal which was built in 1874, although, like the Great Central, it has undergone many changes over the years.

In 1854, the Reverend Archibald Cameron came to Wellingrove and a little wooden church at Wellingrove was opened in 1866. As Glen Innes was becoming the metropolis of the district, the Presbyterians opened St. Andrews Church in Church Street in 1870. Trading under the name of Sunshine, this mill won prizes for its quality flour. The closest airport is in Armidale and you can hire a car for the one-hour drive north.

Certain industries were classified as essential and the Government had the right to manpower civilians into these industries. At the 100km mark, a 10 foot war monument will catch your eye beside the road.

Whether the Scab Board eradicated the disease by employing stock inspectors is open to speculation or whether the disease disappeared on its own account is unknown. It wasn’t until 1877 that the hospital in Glen Innes was opened. The Glen Innes Examiner, shortly after it started publication, announced that a new school building was opened in 1874 at a cost of £1,400 including the residence. On one occasion after Japan came into the war, the army van came to a farmer in this district and took away one of the POWs. Coaches were operating from Newcastle quite early in the day and as time went on coaches were used to transport passengers to Grafton, Inverell and Emmaville and when the gold rush was on, to Bear Hill and Kookabookra. However, there were doctors at Dundee and Wellingrove before the town of Glen Innes was established, and when Glen Innes was established, Dr Alexander moved from Wellingrove to Glen Innes. During World War II, the military established an aerodrome at Clairville, just out of Glen Innes.

In the 1880s a militia unit had been established in Glen Innes. The churches in the town each had their own honour rolls and where there were halls in outlying parts of the district, they established honour rolls for those who had enlisted from that area in the district. Inwards mail would have come via the Clarence and for letters within the district by a messenger.

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