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This... this is... (Dan begins crying while making unnatural moaning sounds alongside the thick sputtering sound his brown tears make.). Mr. Leonard: Just closing up. Maximillus: He won't hit her.

Is team CIT struggling? Jon: Bad touch! Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Plus you don't have to deal with Gladys jumpin' outta cabinets and grabbin' at ya! 8. Dex: It's just you and me, FatCat. We tried, team. Mm. Or as the French say, ambiance. Looks like there might be a riot in here. I ain't like it's the last time you're ever gonna see Sunshine again.

Ah, whew, baby. I hate it. Bad things start to happen around town, including the deaths of some of the company mascots themselves.

Uchhh! English Breakfast Buffet, Why, Tim, WHY?! We want prizes! Finally, we'll have a decent meal around here.

Dan: Ah, no worries! You made it past the 20 minute mark? To learn more about the topics covered in this episode, visit, Learn more about your ad choices. Despite that rather gratuitous slam, Emma and I should team up. Now fork over the little guys and no one gets hurt. Yeah, when I have enough money to buy good ingredients, I can put together quite the feast. Jon: You guys should have called this movie catfight, heh heh! Daredevil Dan (Wayne Brady): Chill, dog!/Who you think you talking to?/Relax, bro!/Ooh, pizza!/Now I told you, dog!/Great idea!/You my man! We're talkin' about Sunshine Goodness. Dan: Relax, bro! Chef Murphy, as our "celebrity" judge, how do you think our young chefs are doing? They've been in the ground for a while. Jon: Like glass stained forever red, it's the mind that won't let go. It's a matter of respect. Is there a divide here? To cheer on Ravi, because the one time I tried to make boiled eggs, I forgot to put in the eggs. He raises your level of cleanliness to impossible levels of upkeep! Dex is a crime fighter. I'm not gonna tell you why. In late 2002, all of the film's files were reportedly stolen. It came out in the year 2012 and it features an all-star cast including Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, and even Christopher Lloyd. Why aren't they throwing stuff at you? You see, the characters all refer to themselves as "Ikes" because they're all in their own words, "icons" of a brand of grocery store product. Natasha: Let go of him, Dirk. Light as a feather, stiff as a board! What is it today? FatCat: It is you, the great Dex Dogtective, who's about to take a fall!

And all she wants is Dex to join her in her evil plot for supermarket domination. Don't you think so, Dex? Tari: Okay, run me through this one more time. History Comments Share. Oh, at least there's sausage! The script for FoodFight translated from English to english, translated back into English [Text in brackets = text not spoken but shown on screen.] Lt. X: Well, this isn't very much fun, is it? Jon: Now, that is some dancing that'll get you laid, let me tell you about it. We want prizes! Great idea! This is amazing. Dan: ... of the food bank!

You have no idea what he's talking about, do you? Jacques? King Arthur Sir Lancelot Flour Where To Buy, I knew you two up to something. Since you guys can't agree on who should prepare dinner tonight, why don't you have a competition? I'm giving you one last chance to hand 'em over before I cash in your coupons for you. Dex: They're building an entire army of robotic Exobites.

I don't know what's happening in the film at this point. But one thing is known, they spent all of it trying to bring this film back to life like some sort of proverbial Frankenstein's monster. So, after a series of orwellian horrors, we arrive at the Copabanana, the talk of the town club that Dex runs. One, June and Henry want to cancel it. Dan tries to cheer him up with some good old-fasioned practicality. (Jon looks at an open locket featuring Dex Dogtective's face.). Edit. I just enjoy hanging out with the kids. « Revisionist History Food Fight 2016-07-14.

This is getting good. The first shot of this movie is just an unbroken constant barrage of information. Oh, yeah, I would've gotten you more, but that's all I could pry off the grill of my scooter. Murphy, would switching partners be against the rules?

Okay, I think we all have to admit our food was terrible. That's hot. You could give her Cracker Jack ring and she'd still say yes! Her decor matches the sophistication of my haute cuisine.

Jon: You guys should have called this movie catfight, heh heh! Misty: If we don’t figure out some way to get that food from Team Rocket, all the Pokémon on the island wont have anything to eat for another whole week. So, as the story goes on - and by story going on, I mean becoming a fever dream - a line of evil products called Brand X are setting up shop in Marketropolis Market in an attempt to push out all of the other Ikes from the supermarket. Microsoft Kinect? They're recyclable!

Yes! Don't bring that up here, there's kids in the audience. Raccoon Cat, Jon: Here we meet Dex's best friend, Daredevil Dan. James: Then, why don't we let everyone decide? It's introducing all of these characters, but none of them do or say anything significant. Banana split, let's blow this Popsicle stand! I'm not gonna tell you why. Kate Tokyo Uk, ), (The plug suddenly jumps back into its socket, and the movie continues.). Ooh! CGI and voiceover w… Dirk: Come on, Natsha.

The lore is rich in this world, lemme tell ya! And I am undefeated.

Read the interactive transcript here. Dan: Relax, bro! GAH! Mouse... cheese.

It came out in the year 2012 and it features an all-star cast including Charlie Sheen, Wayne Brady, Hilary Duff, Eva Longoria, and even Christopher Lloyd. A few hundred squirrel bites can't slow me down!

Two against one is no fair! And to win, I would have to call on my true love. Is that Charlie the Sunkist tuna? Unrest In Israel Today, Flag Gif Maker, How do I turn this shit off? Black Friday? Ooh, is this a "dropped your knife" knife? At least my smoke smells delightful! Ohh, Baboo, I feel terrible. You can do it, as long as you got me to help you. Energizer Brands, There's only one catch here. I guess they could match this at will. That's what he does! ... Wha-what, what is it? Especially one like that. Get me a lid! Jon: Oh my god, sir. Jon: Oh no!

(he reaches over to turn the lights on) Oh, I forgot, I'm not married. Dinner is in two minutes. Your diners are hungry, and mad. Ooh, looks like things are heating up, and the stove's not even on. That's hot. Chefs, crack open those crates! DVD.). Archived . Lou, what happened?

( shorting ) Raah! Why are they constantly moving around like that? Jon: So good to hear that voice coming out of that dog.

Because she's a cat, ngngng! Putting a roof on all the acts of skullduggary and mischief. Jon: We got one! Video Here -----\/ Foodfight!

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