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Now you may not appreciate this, but this was a sort of a game with students. Bloch left the Manhattan District Project after the implosion work and joined the Radio Research Laboratory at Harvard.

Bill had already gotten some money from the Sperry Company, and he had one machinist whom he put at our disposal.

Served for one year as the first Director-General of CERN in Geneva, 1954. His father was Gustav Bloch, a wholesale grain dealer in Zurich. He returned to Stanford University, where in 1961 he was made Max Stein Professor of Physics.

Yes, I was hoping we could do it here. And then it was taken up by other fields, partly in physics and partly not in physics. This result pleased Bohr but did not end his interest in the stopping power phenomenon. The regular larger courses were given by Heisenberg. But we had a little summer school, so to say, going on, although it was always centered around one single visitor.

I understand that. Professor Marius Grundmann receives Rudolf Jaeckel Prize 06.07.2020. It may look a bit as if this all came overnight—it didn't. But nevertheless the fact that they knew that I was away, that I must owe to somebody, I've sometimes thought it might be Oppenheimer, who knew me also and was at Berkeley. Mod.

There's something interesting here, because according to the rules of the Rockefeller fellowship, if I remember correctly, you had to have a permanent position, a position to which you could return before you could go on their fellowship. I remember my concern about what was happening in Europe. Now, of course, that wasn't a great achievement, but nevertheless it was very exhilarating. There is perhaps one thing more I should tell you before. And they had people coming there. Oh, yes. Did that have anything to do with any special design considerations?

The magnetic moment of the neutron could now be given in units of the proton's magnetic moment. How about in the other sense of the importance of the work as judged by your colleagues—that is, the long-range importance? There was no need to convince the University. He said: "Who will raise the money?" Well, we both then presented our results at the spring meeting of the Physical Society in Cambridge, and that's where I met him the first time. Frank Bloch Professor of Law Emeritus. So the ones closest to you would have been the Harvard group then? Phys. The offer for Stanford was, in fact, for the same fall of '33, but I did want to take my fellowship at least in Rome. At the observed value of the Larmor resonance, v = 2µH/h, the value of the magnetic moment µ could be determined, since the frequency v and the magnetic field H could be measured, and h was, of course, the known value of Planck's constant. Well, I think the measurement of the magnetic moments, which I told you about, was of interest to the nuclear people, because at that time the shell model had started to develop and of course the magnetic moments of nuclei were a test of the shell model. There's a trickle-down effect. That was with the 37-inch cyclotron in Berkeley. Felix's thesis was published under the title "Uber die Quantenmechanik der Elektronen in Kristallgittern" in the Zeitschrift für Physik (1928). I must have been still thinking of this neutron work, because I remember that shortly afterwards when I came back we started to do the experiments here—the measurement of the neutron. In any event, he turned to me with a broad smile and said: "Well, wasn't I right?". He had to get into experimental work if he was to be an experimental physicist. He saw through pretension and often enjoyed exposing it. teacher to ask questions of, and the popular literature does not go deeply Phys. "It's a very fine place." You say that the students were enthusiasts and were taking up with the Nazis. You're looking at OpenBook,'s online reading room since 1999. The summer school. And, of course, the experimentalists had the opportunity—and some of them availed themselves of it—of taking theoretical courses. Felix Bloch died suddenly on September 10, 1983, after suffering a heart attack. But it was nothing that people at that time considered as prohibitive.

Oh, they did that. To search the entire text of this book, type in your search term here and press Enter.

There were many people there. A long hollow cylinder was used to simplify the geometry of the model, and questions of stability of the superconductive state were investigated. And so you actually physically left just after the Nazi laws came out at the beginning of March and you went home. 70, page 474, 1946. 1928 Zur Strahlungsdampfung in der Quantenmechanik. It's the same thing: We renamed our Journal Club, "Colloquium" some ten or 15 years ago.

But the fact that the signal was received by induction, in the Faraday sense induction in a coil, is why I called it nuclear induction. We had other machinists, but there was one man who was really then put on the work.

And sort of with a twinkle in his eye he said: "Well, if I were you, I would start anyway." Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics. And you came on Bohr's advice, too. And I think it was more that Fermi, hearing me talk about this sort of thing and probably having also heard other people talk about it, felt perhaps that it might be time to get acquainted with it. And I didn't know what this meant. At the same time I was doing the neutron work.

What was the reaction to the paper? Letters were opened and one was under constant surveillance and so forth. 70:460. Well, I don't think too many people outside of Germany believed in the thousand years of Goebbels. In this case it was most direct. The theory of "Spin Waves" was also developed by Bloch.

It's possible. I'm not fooling myself.

That is to say, that the protons in the same molecule need not all have the same frequency; but they are only slightly different, and one could not see that until one went to high resolution. And since we needed not only a very homogenous field but also a very constant field for the neutron experiment, we combined this. It didn't work too well either.

I don't remember. 81:363. At that time it was called ''Project M," where M stood for "Monster." Meanwhile, what was Rabi doing in terms of this? Wishing advice, Felix went to see Professor Hermann Weyl who was the division head for mathematics and physics at the ETH and asked him whether he should study physics. And I also went to Copenhagen.

I didn't fit in there.

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