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dance moms season 8 episode 2 full episode

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With the clock ticking, the moms are desperate to know what Abby's plans are for the future, but Abby's total denial creates havoc for the team. Abby kicks off the new dance season by bringing back her winning Select Team to compete against her original Elite Team for a rematch in Wheeling, WV. Abby punishes the minis for their poor performance and awards the elites their first solos of the season; Jill infuriates Abby when she makes a decision about Kendall's music; the media uncovers secrets from one mother's past. Our massive preview has details on the most promising new shows and your... Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added (and coming... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. After last week's blow out between Abby, Kira, and Kalani, all three are nowhere to be found. But, the girls' insecurities and their doting mothers prove to be a struggle for Cheryl and her teaching methods. Luckily, Kendall’s solo is a mess and while Paige places seventh, Kendall does not place at all. Abby and the mothers discuss what went wrong at Nationals and some of the most shocking moments in Los Angeles; the mothers are divided on hot button issues; Abby drops a bombshell. After a wild and explosive season, Christi and Kelly finally dish on how their friendship was tested and when Abby reminds Christi of the suspension, tensions are high and one of the ladies leaves the stage. Payton is brought in to replace Brooke and Paige. The media goes crazy for Maddie's second music video with Sia; Cathy assembles a team of dancers who have all worked with Abby and are ready to seek vengeance on the dance floor. Dance Moms S01E02 - Wildly Inappropriate - video dailymotion New girl Nicaya and her mother join the team, creating competition between her and Paige for a position in the group number. Brynn, Lilly, and Maesi all go head-to-head with solos. The moms from both the Elite and Select Teams face off against Abby to hash out their grudges from this season and accuse her of blatant favoritism. Both teams are anxious to impress Abby when she announces that Nationals are just five weeks away. Nia and Holly must deal with a painful medical condition from their past. Also: the team says goodbye to Abby for possibly the last time when she decides to head to Europe one week before her sentencing, making the moms question the future of the ALDC. Now the pressure to win the solo category falls completely on Chloe. Meanwhile, Nia and Chloe's solos place very poorly, although the group dance places first. Abby plays cupid with Brooke and her duet partner. Cathy offers Chloe a chance to be in a commercial for her husband's beef jerky business. To make matters worse, this week the team heads to St. Louis where they go up against the infamous Kaya Wiley and she's not going down without a fight! It's the ALDC's first week back in Pittsburgh and the pressure is on to win after the girls' lackluster showing in Los Angeles. Tensions are high when Abby swaps Chloe and Christi for the Select Team's Jade and Loree in the third head-to-head battle between the Elite and Select teams in Washington, D.C. The group dance "Avalanche" places 2nd overall. After weeks of battling with Abby's Dance Moms, Jill studio hops to Cathy's Candy Apples. Jill doesn't think Payton should be on the team because she is too tall and stands out from the other girls. Cathy's back and ready to beat Abby with a new team of boys. The Abby Lee Dance Company is on the edge after learning that a big Broadway casting director will attend their annual showcase, an exhibition in which she shows off her accomplished dancers. After Abby discovers that Cathy's dancers will be there, she asks Maddie to do a solo, but Maddie turns down the opportunity when Melissa says "no" to the last minute addition. Watch Full Episode 06/11/2019 The ALDC travels to Denver where both the stakes and the altitude are high! Abby makes a shocking announcement that she's sending someone home; Stacey and Tricia go to war over Abby's star dancer, Brady; when tasked with picking their own duet partners, the young dancers fear that the wrong decision could send them home. Abby notices this and makes the two go down stares and die the pink ribbon together alone. Abby's Annual Dance Concert is always bigger than any old recital and this year is no different, as the theme is an emotional tribute to her mother. The elite team leave the ALDC for Abby's rival after being fed up with their coach. After the most tumultuous dance competition season ever, Abby and the Dance Moms reunite on stage to set the record straight. Adding to the pressure, two of Abby's biggest enemies, Cathy and Jeanette will be at the competition and are confident they can win. Meanwhile, the veteran moms go on the attack after one of the new moms puts down their kids. The season comes to a close with Nationals and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated; Abby opens her new studio the day before a competition, leaving the girls with little time to prepare; tension spirals out of control. Abby and the ALDC bring an edgy group routine, inspired by Kalani's 16th birthday, to this week's competition hoping to overtake Cathy and her Candy Apples for the second week in a row. Kelly secretly hires choreographers to give Brooke and Paige an edge; Cathy's dancers arrive to go head to head against Abby's dancers. More from. The Maddie vs. Kalani showdown arrives. Delish. 1. Dance Moms Holiday Special: Twas the Fight Before Christmas, Throwback Tuesday: Kira & Kalani + Jojo & Jessalynn, Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like Ab-bee. Meanwhile, Melissa leaves the competition early to go on vacation. Abby makes an unexpected return to her studio; Chloe performs for the first time in front of Abby in two years, but struggles with missing her old teammates; Ashlee makes a decision that shocks the group. As news spreads of Elliana's shocking departure, Abby challenges the team with a ballet group dance inspired by "The Angry Birds Movie 2," casting GiaNina as the lead; rivalries brew as two duets compete against their partners for ALDC jackets. The eighth season of Dance Moms (or Dance Moms: Resurrection) premiered on Lifetime on June 4, 2019. Meanwhile, the moms are furious about Abby promoting Maddie to "assistant choreographer" for the group number. The original Dance Moms grow furious that Abby is once again favoring her new team but it's the Select Moms who really can't stand the heat. . For the first time this season Kalani, Kendall and Nia all dance competing solos.

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