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crazy war stories

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Lights shone into the maw of the cave did very little to illuminate what lied within that dank place or what was producing the odiferous stench, and it was finally decided that they would fall back to around 150 feet away from the entrance and stake out the entrance for a time to see what would happen.

It started with simply encouraging SS soldiers invading Europe to mingle with the locals. The problem is, Vietnam has no wild apes.

Despite the incredible efforts to save the critically wounded Marine, he died of his injuries.

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What in the world did these men see? "It can't even talk." One photographer riding a helicopter in the Vietnam War claimed that they were flying over a patch of jungle when he noticed something unusual down below. It was described as looking like a small, grey humanoid with enormous black eyes, a long face, and slender arms, which gave off a faint glow that pushed back the clinging darkness around it. I was stationed in Korea. Nothing to see here, I'll just take him to the hospital myself.". If ships were people, this one would be the kid who ate paste off a stick. At the time, they had spent some time in Guam. The soldiers tensed up and what at first was assumed to be a man emerged from the cave to crouch in the clearing in front of the cave’s maw."In fact, he's not even dead.

Unfortunately for that sailor, the shell was steered by the powers of bad luck right into the base commander's front yard, exploding in his flower garden, obviously ruining the flowers and further demolishing what was left of the ship's reputation.

Her crew was often welcomed with the phrase "Don't shoot! James Conner, then a sergeant, and one of his team leaders, Lance Cpl. Servicemen had recipes for cleaning skulls.

She would finally have a real chance at redemption! I removed a letter from a buddy of mine’s misspelled tattoo in my enlisted dorms. I’m enlisted now, am currently in Afghanistan, but my grandfather’s stories from WWII are far more noteworthy.

IT BURNS!” Classic Okinawa.

Twitter. All of them.

Everyone thought he was dead so they loaded the bodys in a back of a hum-v he was on the top of the stack. So, the story goes that the Japanese Army officers hosted a party for the Japanese Navy officers, and they ran out of meat. My dad’s story.

He then tried to parkour his way to freedom across the rooftops of these shops. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he probably imagined the Porter was capable of flying, and he wanted to be ready.

When a Marine was shot between the eyes on Nov. 14, there wasn't enough time to wait for a helicopter to arrive at his location, explained Lt. Col. Patrick Gallogly, who was the battalion air officer at the time and was on the radio calling for a casualty evacuation. With my new found freedom I took a shower and walked out of the shower naked after toweling off. Acting on instinct, the two immediately started trying to lift the vehicle off Smith, recalled Hertz, who retired two years ago as a sergeant major. One of these accounts concerns what can only be described as some sort of sea serpent.

My grandfather told me a story of his brother during WWII. So you would either drink the whole liter or choke to death (or rip the gas mask off if you weren’t a moron)."So how was school today?

A US Marine of the 1st division walks through the deserted western part of Fallujah, Iraq, Monday, Nov. 15, 2004. So, each guy was responsible for digging their own foxholes. The mindset of stealing Japanese bones for fun was already set in stone. Marines hugged and shook hands, while others tore into MREs to pull out pound cakes, which they stuck matches in as if they were candles. Americans were supposed to better than that.

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