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Yeah, I'm hoping for the less-research route. Listing dallas in the same group as black widows, rattle snakes scorpions is extremely insulting to the spiders, snakes and scorpions.

Going back in back out Christmas eve... On a good note...had three cats first check... A&E has a program on the case they run regulary, I think its part of the "American Justice" series. Trapping isn't as lucrative. I'm no scholar of either circumstance so, I would appreciate you high lighting the similarities that you refer to between these two situations. Nevada and S.E. Not one of them could ever make it actually living off the land. The gov't displayed the persecution and vindictiveness that left an obvious choice for Dallas. There were only two places that they could find it at-one was the Library of Congress, the other was a high school library in Idaho. Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1.

BOISE, Idaho -- One of Idaho's most infamous outlaws, Claude Dallas, was released from prison Sunday morning after serving 22 years for the execution-style slayings of two state officers in

I went there and the book is avaible there. He wanted to tend his livestock before they left and Pogue wouldn't let him. I wish I had printed it all out.

Your a sick dog, you should be banned from the campfire. Chicken-shit little cop killers hiding under the blanket of "living free" are nothing more than chicken-shit criminals no matter how "patriotic" they want to be.

I understand he wasn't that good a trapper either, just a wannabe cowboy/mountainman.

He was camped in southern ID, and was claiming that he'd taken the cats in northern NV, and had only brought the pelts, leagally taken in NV as the season was still on there, to his camp in ID. The head of the Idaho F&G at the time was a friend of mine. They said to try the Parker Dozhier web site.

", "Judging from your posts on here, if you'd half the stones it takes to be an honest and good game warden you'd already be in your local obits.". Is living the free life now. Open spaces are less open. Pogue's daughter got wind of it and joined the forum long enough to post her defense of him. January 4, 2019 at 8:42 am.

Is he proud you defended his lack of honor on here tonight?
His deer were not the result of sport hunting but survival. Things went south from there. Or ranchers, in general. So Cw did laziness pay off, or have you been doing your research? That tends to make many of us a bit more "businesslike" at times, I guess. Sometime I swear law enforcement agencies have lost all touch with reality. Innocent people are dead and a killer walks practically scot-free after only 20 years for a cold blooded double homicide.
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Set ten traps for every one a good trapper would need to get the same results. One big mistake the State of Idaho made was not seperating the two murders. which is too bad because the kind of person he is , if they parol him , it'll just be a matter of time before he's gona be in trouble again . A little correction here guy's the other officer's name was Conley Elms....And Claude Dallas was a well respected cowboy(cabayero he preffered to be called)(learned the hard way but learned well)and was a very accomplished mountain man...However he was NOT an accomplished trapper...he was what many called a "trash trapper"....really didnt know what to do other than put large baits behind his sets...Hence what we call the Claude Dallas set...a rabbit hanging over a I am at THIS time trapping the VERY same area he trapped back in the time of the shootings. Or two... once you make that move, you have to be ready to take what happens to you, or go out fighting.

I have seen two documentaries on him .

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There either has to be more to it or, we have a significant problem brewing. Claude Dallas Forum… Reply. After reading a couple of the posts, I got the impression that maybe somebody thought that I approved of what Dallas did. the name of the only book i know of written about him is called death in the desert by parker doziher(sp.)

He was big news, for awhile, 20 years ago. I worked in the Idaho department of Corrections when this was all going on. He'll likely have to find a different … One week...up to 11 cats so far..heading back in today(5hr trip to get there)later. The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to registered users. It has lots of information and comments on the case. My local library did not have it, but they did a search, to try to find it. You want to see an animal drop right now? Even though I knew it was coming, I still catch myself thinking his release is just a bad dream. Depending on what source you get your info from you will get a slanted point of view. I have no dog in this fight but do have to wonder why Aces has a hard on for Pogue. Line - Trapping Books, Videos, and Other Products for the Trapper. i highly doubt there are. He hunted and trapped year round and actually was a very good woodsman and knew how to live off the land .

The 7min 23 second version has some good pictures to go along with it. Sad sad situation. Even if that had been the case, it wouldn't have excused his execution style killings. Interesting. New to ArizonaShooting.ORG or Firearms in General?

I remember being surprised that he only got 30 years for two murders.

Was it against the law to have the pelts in Idaho? Pogue had a long reputation for being a bully. Ian Tyson's 1987 album, Cowboyography, includes a song entitled "Claude Dallas" telling the story of the incident; also recorded by Tom Russell; True crime author Jack Olsen described Dallas and the murders in his book Give a Boy a Gun.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. “After the initial gunfire, Dallas used his .22 caliber lever action rifle to shoot both officers execution style, once each in the head. The infamous trapper/poacher who killed two Idaho Fish and Game officers in 1981 will find the American West is not such a hospitable place for a man who wants to live off the land. I don't know enough about the Claude Dallas deal to make an intelligent comment about it. Does anyone,have any info about the murderer Claud Dallas,just curious.

It was plain murder.

Other than Mr. Howell and Rockchuck I haven't read anything other than testosterone.

It might have started as self defense, but it didn't end that way. He said he was willing to admit he had violated the law, although he thought the law shouldn't apply because when you are living 50 to 100 miles from anywhere you ought to be able to live off the land. From my limited exposure and research, I couldn't really make those connections.

I know as much or more than you do/did. My father was a Maine Game Warden when all of this transpired. AB2506, I get what you're sayin', and I'm not one who thinks he was innocent. Before you register please ensure you are familiar with our terms of use and related policies.

Reply. Yes he will be judged but he also may be aquitted in heaven if he has found the savior.. Thats why Pogue took Helms with him when he went to investigate, because of the possibility of trouble. I was mildly aware and interested in the case when it happened. Ian Tyson got into ALL sortsa' chit for spinning this up. Not worth going to prison for no matter how you want to slice it.

He then threw Elms' body in a nearby river and, with the reluctant assistance of a friend, Jim Stevens, transported Pogue's body to a distant location, where he hid it in a coyote's den.” Real f’n hero. Anyone who thinks he's a hero is disturbed. To me the fact that he shot both oficers in the head afterwards would be just cause for an arresting officer to shoot first and ask questions later. Please observe our rules: No profanity. Hell he never even wrote it ! I have/had a copy but haven't seen it in years... A few years ago, I talked to Sheriff Tim Nettleton about Pogue, Elms, and Dallas.

I got a chance to read it, and then re-read it and I am amazed at the following that he developed. DIY, Building, Gunsmithing and Custom Firearm Work, Laws, Regulations and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA), Site Support, Suggestions and Help, Handgun Related Items/Accessories for Sale, Other Firearm Related Items/Accessories for Sale, Ammunition or Components for Sale or Trade. IF there is a significant amount of people out there that support what he did based on why 3forks said, then we got some serious problems out west.

To put it as nicely as I can, while he certainly condemned Dallas for what he did, he wasn't surprised based on who was involved. Movie about Claude Dallas.

Also the 45 Ranch down stream from Bull Camp on the South Fork Owyhee River. I consider Claude Dallas a murderer, too.

You must log in or register to reply here. I've had two LEO's draw down on me over the years, sometimes they have to do that till they figure out whats going on, I never tried/wanted to kill either one of them.

Just read his Wikipedia info, looks like he is a free man today, wonder if he is back in ID or on Rokslide. There was even a group of local women who made the news for their … Claude Dallas was released from prison in February 2005 after serving 22 years of his 30 year sentence. He paid his debt to society for murdering two good and professional men. Probably belongs to the CD fan club that wrote to him every day while he was in prison. I can't remember if this was before he was originally apprehended or after he escaped.

I keep trying to be a christian and believe in his word that there is a reason for everything. Most of you I do not even recognize other than when there is something to flame over. A certain percentage of them probably would have gotten away with it, because there would have been no witnesses. Elm's widow lives about 300' from me. In the end though, it was those 2 shots that sealed the conviction. I've never heard of another similar character down there. General Discussion Forum Claude Dallas / Murder of 2 Idaho Fish & Game Officers Book ... but I think many on Rokslide might find it interesting because of the parallels between the Claude Dallas story and events like the 2016 takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

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