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You should see at a glance that you can attack both black rooks. Several computer opponents have been created, each with a different strength setting. Editing of custom sets after they have been created. ChessGYM offers a range of chess puzzles and exercises aimed at increasing chess and thinking prowess for all abilities.

The 'Choose Best Move(s)' advice at the top of the page can now be permanently hidden. The bots now play a much wider range of openings due to using a much more diverse opening book compared to the original bots used when the site first launched.

I’ve seen anywhere from -14 to +14. The answer is very simple: I’ve become addicted to the lichess puzzle page. Let's start training today! This allows viewing games in the database page where opening explorer stats can be examined for the lines you played, and engine analysis and game annotation performed.

Several new options, including figurine notation and new board styles are now available. Read more about the different membership options and their benefits. The puzzles I’m offered are usually from games between players rated 1800-2300: if you’re rating is higher or lower you’ll get harder or easier positions. Create unrated games from arbitrary start positions - The advanced panel in the challenge create dialog can now create games with any start position you like.

Several updates to the tags and tag descriptions have also been made since the last major update, including new tags for Avoiding Perpetual, Avoiding Stalemate, Coercion (Required to clarify Attraction), Counting, Defensive Move, Desperado, Mate Threat, Quiet Move and Unpinning. As already announced in the forum, a new version of the PGN viewer is currently in testing, the board used in the new PGN Viewer will eventually be used in all Chess Tempo boards, so please help test the new board at the. Note that achievements are not retroactive, so achievements like all time highs or solving streaks are awarded based on future efforts made after the release of the achievement system, rather than achievements that may have been met before the system was in place.

Comment Search - Matches only problems with the supplied search string in one of their problem comments. Full access to this feature is available to Gold members only, you can view screen shots of the new analysis interface in action on the Membership descriptions page. See computer analysis for top 5 moves at each step in tactics problems.

The sounds are only available on the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Setting a higher number means more users had voted for the tag, but will also reduce the total number of matching problems.

Hide ratings mode - In your preferences you can turn on hide ratings mode which avoids display rating information in the game view while you are playing. A player and openings search page are also available.

We want to contribute to the world of chess through our digital products. Problems extracted from games where particular openings were played. The database includes over 2 million games, including all the source games for the tactics and endgame problems.

He was the co-founder of Richmond Junior Chess Club in 1975 and its director until 2005. Allow custom sets to optionally choose the "give me problems close to my rating" problem selection algorithm. Solve time custom set/problem search now allows you to specify if you want to include all unsolved problems, as well as those you have already solved. We have also recently moved to a fully encypted site, with all pages now served over https.

Create sophisticated custom problem sets including: Motif specific problem sets, such as pins, forks, skewers etc.

I looked at the game and was shocked to discover that White played Qg5, whereupon Black, missing the defensive resource, resigned. Chess Tempo has begun non-public testing of a new feature that allows users to play games against each other. A new option to avoid problems with ALTS was added.

Play games against other Chess Tempo members. Gold members can access the graphs by clicking on the new view button shown on the custom set performance tables on the tactics and endgame stats tabs on each user's stats page.

Resuming problems after a disconnect is now supported in Blitz mode, note that your clock will show any time elapsed since you were first given the problem. You can select the weights of each subset to control how many problems from each subset will be served.

Comments can also be voted up or down, comments with several down votes will be hidden from the default comment view, and users will need to click the "show all" button to see these comments. You can also check your rank on the achievement points leaderboard.

It should work reasonably well in the latest IPhone and Android devices.

Create your free Magnus Trainer account (works across app and web). Seek Favourites - If you have a favourite seek type that is not one of the defaults you can enter the seek details and then save the seek as a favourite which will create a new button in the seek dialog that can be clicked on in the future. Study GM games and research openings.

Coaches can also assign training targets to their students, and get a summary of training target progress across all their students. For further details on these changes, and how to use them, please see the Analysis Board and Problem Commenting Questions section of the FAQ. View all posts by Richard James. Tactics problems extracted from your games played on Chesstempo and placed in a personal problem set for solving.

Replying to a comment will send a notification email to the recipient (at their option).

More diverse bot opening book. Yes – and deliberately so.

The database can be searched via either a quick search or advanced search interface. After the game is over you can move through the move list and the clocks will update to show the time they had at that point in the game.

An Explore button was added to Play vs Computer page. This is especially useful if you solve problems on different machines, with different screen sizes. Many computer lines truncated to avoid showing silly moves at the edge of the search horizon. An initial mobile version of the tactics solving is now available at Chesstempo mobile. Over 10,000 positions, all taken from actual games.

Read more about the different membership options and their benefits. The database is documented in a new user guide that covers most of the Chess Tempo features in detail.

Note that the premium feature set of the new UI is not 100% the same as the old UI, as such, existing premium members will be able to choose the old UI for 1 year from today, after which the old UI will no longer be available.

Your own comments can now be deleted or edited (as long as they are the most recent comment to be made on a problem). Please see the descriptions on Tactical Motifs page before applying these new tags. It can be used simultaneously with Drag and Drop, but either Click and Click or Drag and Drop can be disabled in the preferences. Richard is a published author and his books can be found at Amazon.

The language specific pages can also be reached via and, although accessing the site via and using the language selector is the preferred option. Want to send a download link to your phone? Many of the database features are available for all users, while some of the features such as material search, source game links and custom set integration are available only to Premium members, and some of those, only to Gold members.

Visibility of think times and clock changes while moving through move list on completed games. Free registration provides basic features. This feature is available to both premium and free members. After solving the puzzles you can switch on Stockfish, which is especially helpful if you made a mistake. solve 100 problems by 10th July) or recurring targets such as solve 100 problems each week. Tactic and Endgame problems have convenient links to the source games the problems were extracted from.

Solve in full screen with only the board displayed. The Guess The Move user guide has a full set of instructions on how to use the feature. Merged custom sets allow Gold members to merge several existing custom sets into one merged set.

Abandoned game detection - If a user abandons a game by disconnecting, or ceasing to play moves you will be given the option to claim a win or abort the game if they do not return to playing in a reasonable period time. Personal tagging stats have been added to help users understand the degree to which other users agree or disagree with their tags. A quick summary of the new features follows: A new training targets feature has been released. During beta testing, all features will be available to all users. The feature is available to all users, although some achievement types are restricted to premium members.

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