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cardo vs sena

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Sena et Cardo sont les deux grands acteurs des kit main libre moto.Le SMH5 est un produit que j’ai pu tester lors de mon voyage dans les Dolomites en 2017. Klare Kaufempfehlung: Sena 20S! And not only does it come in closer to the line in the treble range but the overall trend is smoother. In this post, I have reviewed the top products of the two most popular Bluetooth Communication systems namely Cardo Scala Rider and Sena. And if you have an incoming call, the system automatically mutes other inputs for the duration. For instance, the ‘mesh’ feature, although works good among 3 or 4 riders, drains the battery fast. I have also done a comparison of the top two products of Cardo and Sena.

For these graphs, we have the peak as the line on top, which in this case is the target, and we have the input response underneath. But we’ve decided to put this to the test too by playing the radio until they die to approximate a full day of riding and listening. The main difference here is that though the 50R came out much louder again, the Cardo came out with a crisper sound.

We welcome anyone interested in the Honda VF / VFR, V4, VTEC, VFR1200 and VFR800 Interceptor. Thanks, Paul. Vocals empowerment Ich weis nur nicht ob das Sena wirklich den Preis Wert ist.
Sena is best known for their compact releases. I have heard great things about the Cardo units, I have a Sena 10R and it has been great (after the speaker upgrade). So, to sum up, both systems do well in different places. 3. The device also has a wall charger of universal type, Velcro spacers and 3M adhesive plate for speakers. To find out, we ran several tests. This keeps it safe from wet weather. Kurzfassung: Hammer! It keeps you connected while you enjoy your ride with your friends or family. Das Cardo hat uns vor allem im Regen im Stich gelassen und die Verbindung brachte unter diesen Bedingungen erst unangenehme Echos und schliesslich den Totalausfall. I have heard great things about the Cardo units, I have a Sena 10R and it has been great (after the speaker upgrade). Though the Cardo had a shorter life, it gave you a warning much further in advance. The Cardo pack’s battery can last for up to ten hours. We read our test phrases from another room to avoid the test microphone picking up any extra noise. Das Sena habe ich dann Anfang 2016 gekauft und erlaube mir nun ein Urteil nach einer Saison und etwa 18.000 Kilometern vom heissen Sardinien bis zum Dauerregen in Norwegen und Schottland.

Da kann das Sena nur punkten, weil die Lautsprecher deutlich besser sind. Which is still fairly close to the advertised talk time of about 13 hours. For the Cardo, the first low battery light came on 9 hours and 24 minutes in, but the Slim little Packtalk powered on through for another hour and a half until it died 10 hours and 57 minutes in. Beim Cardo hielt das Mikro auch nicht zuverlässig und fiel immer wieder im Helm ab. On the other unit start mobile phone pairing 4. For smooth and uninterrupted connection among riders, Sena 30K is another ideal choice. For our test, we used pink noise to see how the speakers perform across all frequencies. The other one is really quiet even at full volume. It is a smart innovation that integrates the Bluetooth technology in helmets making communication while riding completely hassle-free. Lastly, for the speaker fidelity, we kept the same setup as the volume test, but instead of playing a tone, since we like to stay classy here at Champion Helmets, we played our favorite 360 tune so you could also get an idea of how the two sounded. The fin is a replacement for the antenna used in earlier models. Soweit zumindest die Herstellerangaben. Featuring dustproof and waterproof design, this motorcycle communicator has several favorable features that bikers look for.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'motoclever_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_10',106,'0','0'])); The intercom headset is light in weight at 1.5ounce and compact in size with dimensions of 2.9 x 1.8 x0.6 inches.The mounting kit provided makes set up easy and quick. You can join in, leave or rejoin again without interrupting the connections between the riders. Discussion in 'Equipment' started by chopsieze, Feb 26, 2019. Ich würde aber dennoch gerne mit ihm und anderen in einer Gruppe sprechen. Das Sena bringt wirklich Audioqualität. It allows the rider to cut corners and save time in the process. Das könnte manchmal echt hilfreich sein. The Sena 50R, in contrast, first gave a warning signal 12 hours and 53 minutes into the test. Bluetooth communication system for motorcycles is one such innovative product. Spannend wurde es aber dann in Norwegen, wo wir den ersten echten Regentest durchführen konnten (und es HAT geschüttet!)

The Freecom 4 from Cardo is a complete four-way Bluetooth motorcycle communication system with a range of 1.2km. This section will compare Cardo and Sena using different standards, specifically their installation, interface, and overall performance. I actually found the DMC better over the Bluetooth intercom feature.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'motoclever_com-box-4','ezslot_1',104,'0','0'])); In short, for riders in groups, this is an indispensable system as the sharing and communication is simply too good. But, we still Cardo provides better value for money when it comes to day to day usage. We’ve determined we’ll skip the Sena 30 series and either go for the 50s or switch to Cardo Packtalk. Jeweils zwei kleine Mikros mit Klebepads und zwei Schwanenhals-Mikros für Klapp- oder Jethelme liegen serienmässig bei. The Sena 30K is the brand’s top-o-the-line Bluetooth communicator designed for motorcycle helmets. In Schottland 2015 hatte ich zudem immer wieder Probleme bei der Verbindung mit dem Cardo-System von Detlef und das Problem hat uns eine Woche lang jeden Tag genervt. The device is capable of toggling with three riders. Mal ehrlich, wenn ich es kompliziert haben will mache ich ein Type-Rating für den Airbus A380. Cardo, as usual, stays on top due to their high-quality focus and just all-around strong design. And with its favorable features, the Sena 30K is a top-end model that is for serious users. We used the same model charger with an output of 5 Volts at 1 Amp to ensure a fair recharge rate of each system. Required fields are marked *. It is frustrating not hearing yourself because you don’t know if the unit is on and/or you’re speaking too loudly or quietly. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'motoclever_com-box-2','ezslot_11',101,'0','0']));Digital technology has invaded every nook and corner of our lives now. If you’re curious about how they sounded, you can check out our video comparing the Sena 50R and the Cardo Packtalk Slim. The Sena unit is perfect for serious riders because of its sophisticated features like audio mixing or the presence of an open network for numerous riders. MfG, The Ultimate Comparison: Cardo Vs Sena This section will compare Cardo and Sena using different standards, specifically their installation, interface, and overall performance. (Warum jemand auf dem Motorrad telefonieren will, verstehe ich nicht!) Jetzt zur Bedienung und dazu ein Satz vorweg, liebe Hersteller: Mal ganz unabhängig vom Produkt – probiert das Zeug das ihr vertreibt mal vor dem Verkauf aus.
mit den Klebepads befestigt, das hält absolut tadellos. And, for those who want better and advanced options, the Momentum series from Sena is a choice to consider. It incorporates Bridge technology so that the users can seamlessly switch from Bluetooth to Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) instantly. There is a wide range of motorcycle intercom systems that you can choose from in the market. The 50R does quite well heading into the treble range, which isn’t surprising considering it gives you feedback in the form of beeps. The battery in my 10R only last 2 hours and its only 2 years old. Further using the buttons with gloved hands is a bit difficult. Founder & Author, Mark Mayers ", © 2020 Copyright Best Motorcycle Clothing, Gear & Equipment Reviews, link to Motorcycle Cornering For Newbies: Tips, Techniques, And More, link to How To Clean Your Motorcycle Riding Gloves, Tactical Helmets vs Motorcycle Helmets— Compared & Reviewed, Top 8 Kids’ Full Face Helmets — Important Considerations, When To Change Motorcycle Tires & Make Them Last Longer, How to Make My Motorcycle Exhaust Louder – 4 Ways, Dropped A Motorcycle Helmet? The working range is 1.2 miles in open terrain condition, which can reduce if you are in mountainous terrain. Updated: August 25, 2020 By Derek Fowler 5 Comments, Cardo Scala Rider Freedom 4 Duo with HD Audio, Sena 30K Motorcycle Mesh Bluetooth Communication System.

The system features advanced Bluetooth technology, good noise control, multiple audio functionality, and remote control, which is optional.As an upgrade to the previous 20S model, this version makes using the headset convenient comfortable and effective.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'motoclever_com-leader-1','ezslot_9',107,'0','0'])); The design is similar to the previous model except for the shark fin-shaped structure seen on the top edge in the rear. But, at the same time, it can be quite stressful to hear the speakers in high volume over the wind noise during highway travel. Overall I and my pals enjoyed using the Packtalk. We used this song to test the speaker’s dynamic range as well as the sound reproduction for the bass, mids, and treble. Overall, we got good results from both systems. Another Cardo vs Sena thread.

Können die Navi Ansagen von allen die das Sena montiert haben gehört werden oder nur von einer Person? A friend has now started ridding and I was thinking of changing coms. The stereo speakers with AGC technology help adjust volume based on the background noise. The package includes the headset with speakers, mesh intercom antenna, wired boom microphone, and boom mic and a docking station for charging.The headset weighs 2.15ounce so you barely feel it when fixed to your helmet.Pairing with a smartphone is easy as you need to just switch the device on and the connection automatically occurs. The Bridge technology used in the rider helps users to switch between the Bluetooth use and Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) smoothly. The whole unit is dustproof and waterproof so it is made to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. Scala Rider has all these features and more. You have to just fix it to your helmet, raise the device’s antenna and switch the power button.With the power on, the 30K allows unlimited users to converse via an open communication network.The Mesh technology is for closed network communication where you can hold a private conversation with a rider or two. Ich habe jetzt das Schubert System.. und da kann nur ich als Fahrer mit dem Navigationsgerät die Ansagen hören. Although some users find it difficult to pair the device, I was able to it easily. Other features are similar to the earlier model. Die Bedienung erfolgt dort über vier Knöpfe in Dreifachbelegung mittles Tipp- und Haltemodi und diverser Signal-Quittungstöne. The Bluetooth Communication systems available now are mostly designed to meet with the basic essentials like pairing with mobile via Bluetooth technology, music streaming, directions and voice command control. Through his work at, he wants to share the pleasures of motorcycling into the world. Und das bei zwei Geräten auf einmal. Lastly, we come to the battery life and recharge time of the battery pack for the Sena and the Cardo. Mein Kumpel hat sich bereits das Sena 30k gekauft. Das Mikrofon ist im Pack wie alle anderen Teile auch doppelt enthalten. Hier vielleicht noch ein Tipp: Ich habe mir für Touren einen 24Watt Doppel-USB-Adapter von Anker bei Amazon gekauft. In terms of the audio quality, the Cardo unit has a slight disadvantage because the speakers can be unpredictable. There are small, but sudden peaks just at the end of the upper bass, which may mean that it will come on a little strong. Mach dich nicht unglücklich, der Mehrpreis ist sehr gut investiert.

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