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AYSO VIP Soccer Tee: $12.95. AYSO has created guidelines/booklets for Alternative Play Models and COVID-19 modified Coaching Activities (i.e. Open and invitational tournaments are regularly held at all levels – Region, Area, Section and nationally, but the emphasis is always on participation rather than win-at-all-costs. Parents, and family members will abide by social distancing regulations and are strongly encouraged to remain inside their vehicles during practice.

If you have specific questions with regards to health and safety guidelines for your area, we advise that you consult your local public health officials. Good Sportsmanship. quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, family-oriented soccer environment’ (from the AYSO mission statement). Be on the lookout for more information in January. Today, there are over 50,000 teams in AYSO, with over 650,000 players and AYSO is in all 50 states and some US territories.
AYSO Welcomes … Do not assist coach with equipment before or after training. One player from each team; center official; no handshakes; physical distancing. AYSO teams are formed to be as evenly balanced as possible to ensure teams play teams of equal ability. that can be found here.

No physical greeting of players (verbal acknowledgement is expected). Keep players together in small groups/cohorts with one coach and make sure that each group of players and coach avoid mixing with other groups as much as possible. Sanction practices only when official parks and fields become available by local authority. This should always be at the forefront when designing and considering Return-to-Play programming and clearly communicated to all participants, including players, parents and volunteers. Kids Zone. Every child of the relevant age who wants to play soccer can join.

Responsible for cleaning all required equipment after each training sessions (ball, cleats, shin guards, etc.). As you may have noticed that the fields changed a little last year because AYSO and US Soccer have come together to standardize the fields and playing time for all of youth soccer in the United States. National Partners < > Contact Us.

Adhere to AYSO Safe Haven guidelines, i.e., 1:8 adult to child ratio; minimum of 2 adults present; no adult alone with children other than their own. Provide coaches with a detailed explanation and training on these recommendations. In order for players to get the most out of soccer, each player is encouraged to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team. The future of soccer in the USA lies in the hands – and feet – of the next generation, and we are fortunate indeed that our young players have a chance to develop their love of the game and their soccer skills in the nurturing environment created by the AYSO.

If not feeling well during the game at any time, go home immediately. Do not share whistles or, if possible, any other referee equipment.

In conclusion, even though the young and healthy may experience a less severe case of COVID-19, every case is potentially life-altering or deadly, particularly in those with risk factors.
Please understand it is vitally important to follow the local orders in place. AYSO Region 257.

American Youth Soccer Organisation was founded in 1964 in California by a small group of soccer enthusiasts with only nine local teams. Please find a waiver here that you must use in your Region/Club as part of our Return-to- Play plan. Every kid who joins an AYSO team is guaranteed to play half of every game.

Thank you once again for your dedication and we hope you stay safe and well. PLEASE NOTE: This is a live document and is subject to change. Ready! The American Youth Soccer Organisation (AYSO) is a national non-profit organization that provides children between 4-1/2 and 19 the opportunity to play soccer and get soccer coaching. Open Registration. AYSO coaches encourage and reward positive behaviors such as enthusiasm and effort rather than focusing on natural ability or skill. : BAND app). Communicate drop off, waiting and pick up protocols for parents to facilitate appropriate social distancing while providing for the safety of all participants.

AYSO referee training is not just designed to teach the rules of the game, but to ensure that games are played in a safe and enjoyable environment. Avoid group events, such as games, competitions, or social gatherings, where spacing of at least 6 feet between people cannot be maintained.

The number of players in that part of the country dictates the size and shape of ‘Sections’. Coach should be the only person to handle coaching equipment (e.g.

Identify strategies for working with public health officials to notify adult leaders, youth and their families if the organization becomes aware of a participant developing COVID-19 who came in contact with others during your activities. We understand that this may make it difficult in planning your Return-to-Play strategies, so to that point, our continued recommended course of action is that you follow your county and state executive orders and public health guidance with regards to community interactions and access to facilities. A multi-tiered structure has evolved over the years: The basic building block of the AYSO is a ‘Region’ – a community-based league that can be anything from a few hundred to several thousand players. Test child’s temperature before departing for soccer practice (if above 100.4, do not attend). National Partners < > Important Links. This coordination will help provide a sense of community and alleviate trepidation that may exist. Ensure your child has hand sanitizing products with them at every session.

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