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2013 nebraska football roster

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Wt. Can they keep the streak alive? Can they right the special teams ship before it becomes an issue? But he's just not a passer. And there's really no reason to think he'll be any worse at his job in 2013. Points Per Game (first 6 games): Nebraska 38.9, Opponent 24.1 (plus-14.8)Adj. With Maher out of eligibility, it appears that either sophomore Mauro Bondi or redshirt freshman Spencer Lindsay will take over. But Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck may have been No. He was definitely in the top five.

And to the extent that anything actually needs fixing, there's no obvious fix in sight. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. 2. It should also have a defense that regresses just enough to offset offensive gains. There is potential here, but almost none of it is proven. The latest chapter in the beef is the lamest one yet. That said, there are still a lot of exciting names here. The fellas break down Week 8 of college football with their best bets, parlays worth playing and more. That comes from last year's Nebraska preview, Georgia's Mike Bobo was the best play-caller in the country last year, Martinez was still horrific on any pass thrown further than 10 yards downfield, Video of FSU starter surviving horrifying motorcycle wreck, Bill Connelly’s Big Ten preview series is underway, Projecting every 2013 college football conference race, 2013 Big Ten football previews: Advanced profiles of each team, one by one, 2007: The inside story of the greatest CFB season ever, The all-time ‘consensus’ national championships list, The evolutionary history of option football. He takes too many sacks, he throws too many interceptions, and his passes of more than 10-15 yards are basically mini-Hail Marys. Perhaps this is the blue-blood version of Glen Mason Territory, where a program is simultaneously successful and disappointing, and fans grow both impatient and guilty about feeling impatient. For the season Nebraska ranked 30th in Def. Not only are there an always-obnoxious eight home games on the slate, but two of the four road games are against Purdue and Minnesota. All Rights Reserved. Honestly. Just don't make it a full-fledged collapse, because you'll blow a hell of a scheduling opportunity. That could be exciting, but how would Husker fans view it if it ended in a conference title game loss and BCS bowl blowout? It's scarier, really, than it feels -- when you see a unit get vandalized like NU's did in the postseason, you tend to figure a blood transfusion is a good thing. I have no idea how Ciante Evans and Andrew Green still have eligibility left -- it feels like they have been in Lincoln since Frank Solich was there. (It's fun saying something that is both true and confrontational -- "Fire Bobo!" We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Now they're in a similar situation. It's hard to say the secondary will even be as good as last year's without Stafford and Smith, but I just can't make myself worry about this unit. Visit ESPN to view the Nebraska Cornhuskers team roster for the current season. Two all-conference linemen return. That comes from last year's Nebraska preview. Brett Phillips drove in Randy Arozarena on one of the wildest game-winning runs in World Series history. Note: players in bold below are 2013 returnees. The Falcons lost another heartbreaking game in unforgettable fashion.

F/+ in 2009 has fallen in two of three. Jason Ankrah, once a star recruit, was decent last season, and for all we know, two four-star newcomers -- redshirt freshman Greg McMullen and JUCO transfer Randy Gregory -- will not only hold their own, but thrive. Yr. City State School 8 Abdullah AmeerAmeer Abdullah IB 5-09 190 … But somebody still needs to step up. But a sketchy defense could lead to an unhappy ending, just like it did last year. Martinez is a tremendous runner, and he has some of the best sleight of hand you'll ever see -- he seems to be able to make his give-or-keep decision about five yards past the option mesh point. Players in italics are questionable with injury/suspension. But unless the newcomers are great, the end position has a pretty low ceiling. When things got tight -- as games progressed, or as Nebraska got closer to the end zone -- Beck leaned on the run a bit more, and the offense bogged down a hair. F/+ last year because Beck and his offensive staff turned Martinez into something he wasn't; the Huskers improved because Beck's play-calling philosophy catered perfectly to what Martinez actually was and is. Nebraska went 50-15 in Frank Solich's six years in charge (1998-03). But it's been basically a zero-sum game for the Huskers, as a defense which ranked fourth in Def.

As one unit improves, the other regresses, and the overall product remains about the same.

The backfield is loaded, in other words. The Cornhuskers have won either nine or 10 games in each of the last four seasons, they have a strong, fun offensive backfield, and they should once again have a deep, interesting defensive backfield. In 2011-12, Brett Maher made 102 of 103 PATs, 25 of 28 field goals of under 40 yards, and 14 of 22 of over 40 yards. The mid-1990s Nebraska Cornhuskers were efficient and brutal, predictable and unstoppable, wooing you with the option and taking your head off with the Blackshirts. A startlingly easy schedule could allow for Nebraska to finish the year with some really, really big games.

In 2013, Nebraska should have its best offense of the Pelini era. But the Huskers did still allow only 295 yards (4.3 per play) to Wisconsin the first time around and 301 (4.0) to Northwestern. It should also have a defense that regresses just enough to … In Spencer Long and Jeremiah Sirles, Nebraska has a hell of a right-side duo. In 2013, Nebraska should have its best offense of the Pelini era. Over the last four years, Nebraska has ranked 10th, 16th, 28th, and 19th, respectively, in the F/+ rankings. Again. And it's the same story for the tackles. But Nebraska was average at returns and quite below average at punting last year. But the line, once a massive strength, was still terribly mediocre; and now the front seven has been ravaged by turnover. But first-quarter yards and points count just the same as they do in the fourth quarter. You have to go back to 2006 (Jordan Congdon) to find when Nebraska was last iffy at kickoffs and 2004 (Sandro Deangelis) to find when the Huskers didn't have a reliable place-kicker. The line has been a drag on the defense as a whole for a couple of years now. Long a strength (sixth in 2009, eighth in 2010, 14th in 2011), it already showed cracks last year despite Maher's general reliability. And Martinez was still horrific on any pass thrown further than 10 yards downfield. And what of the Nebraska special teams unit as a whole? The Vikings are terrible, and have no clear path forward. Will they break through, or will the 2013 postseason take shape like 2012's? By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. 75 overall recruit in the country last year according to Neither Abdullah nor then-freshman Imani Cross showed an inordinate amount of explosiveness, but behind a resurgent line, they were able to take advantage of the decent creases in front of them. Whereas the persistent 2012 narrative during Nebraska telecasts seemed to revolve around tweaks to Taylor Martinez's mechanics and efforts to improve his passing ability, the fact was that his general throwing motion was very, very similar to what it had been in 2011. Copyright © 2020 by The Football Database, LLC.

Smith, were pretty damn good; they combined for almost as many tackles and tackles for loss as the top three lienbackers, and they defensed 19 passes as well. Nebraska might not face an elite opponent before the Big Ten title game, and that's only if Ohio State or Wisconsin are actually elite. Points Per Game (next 6 games): Nebraska 34.3, Opponent 18.2 (plus-16.1)Adj. This isn't the end of the Callahan years, but it isn't the Osborne years either. And it will be backed up by a linebacking corps with plenty of former star recruits and, yes, no proven studs. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Huskers Advertise; Shop; The Essentialsarrow_drop_down. But with this schedule, Nebraska really could rack up a serious number of wins without actually improving much over their recent product. If Nebraska can once again reach a top-15 or -20 level, the Huskers could be one solid road win (against either Michigan or Penn State) away from an 11-1 record, even without any major improvement. I'm already on record saying Georgia's Mike Bobo was the best play-caller in the country last year.

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